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Why Lower Back Pain Is Worse In the Morning

If you suffer from lower back pain, you may find your symptoms are worse in the morning. Back pain in the morning is common. When we sleep extra pressure is placed on the lower back. Sleeping in a wrong or awkward position is another contributory factor.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can remedy early morning back pain. However, it is important to be aware that frequent lower back pain in the morning may be a symptom of sciatica or a spinal problem.

Back Pain, Are You Moving Enough?

One of the most common reasons for back pain in the lower region of the back is a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting down for long periods of time quickly leads to compression of the lower spine.

When you find that you often wake up in pain, you should examine your lifestyle. Do you move enough during the day?

The best exercises to prevent lower back pain include walking, yoga, and swimming. If you have a sedentary job or work from home, you should try to incorporate at least one hour of exercise every day.

Standing up and taking frequent breaks also helps to prevent back pain.

Posture Matters

There is no doubt about it - posture matters. Most back pain and spinal problems are not as a result of trauma injuries. They happen because we do not look after our posture during the day.

We often sit in the wrong position or even walk without checking our posture. Using a back support, or a chair with lumbar support, when you sit down helps to prevent lower back problems.

But, you should not forget about checking the way you walk. If you frequently wear high heels, you are putting extra pressure on the lower region of your back.

Even wearing your high heels sitting at your desk can put pressure on your spine.

Sleeping Positions and Back Pain

Does your sleeping position affect back pain? It certainly does.

Many of us keep our mattresses for far too long or sleep on the wrong type of mattress. If you are thinking about buying a new mattress, it is best to spend a little bit extra. After all, we do spend at least 7-8 hours in bed every night.

Before you buy a mattress, make sure it is the right one for you. Online shopping has made buying mattresses easier. You can easily research the mattress and find out if it meets your requirements.

Support In Bed

Sometimes, even the best mattress in the world is not going to fix your lower back pain. If you find that your back pain occurs first thing in the morning, maybe before you get out of bed, you should consider buying a support.

When it comes to back supports for your bed, there is plenty of choice. You can buy supports that you wear in bed. A large supportive pillow can help to take the strain off your lower back.

Disc Generation Is Common

Disc generation does not always come with age, but it is more common in people over the age of 40.

It is a result of wear and tear of the spinal column. Disc generation is a condition that can affect anybody. But, it has to be said it is more common in individuals who do manual work or are involved in a sporting activity which puts extra strain on the spine.

If you suspect this may be the cause, it is important you see a medical professional as soon as possible.

Disc generation can be a result of osteoporosis ( thinning of the bones.) Getting an early diagnosis is crucial.

Pregnancy and Back Pain

Needless to say, women who are pregnant often mention they experience lower back pain.

Lower back pain is a common problem in later pregnancy. Gentle exercise helps, but the best remedy is a bed support. A large bed pillow or large support you can lean offers the best way of managing this temporary condition.

Remedies for Back Pain

You can start dealing with your back pain before you get out of bed. Doing gentle stretches in bed can help.

Don’t for one moment think this means yoga exercises. Simply stretching your arms above your head and stretching your legs out elongates the spine and takes pressure off the lumbar region.

Natural Remedies for Lower Back Pain

Although anti-inflammatory medication works well against most back pain conditions, it is not always the best long term solution.

Natural remedies including Omega 3 supplements and arnica tablets help to reduce inflammation. There is also increasing evidence that turmeric can help.

You can add turmeric to your diet or buy a supplement. If you decide to try natural remedies, it is important that you take them daily.

Regular back massages or warm baths using rosemary oil or arnica oil can also help to reduce pain and inflammation. There are also other therapies you can try.

Applying alternatively cold and hot sources can help. You can buy bags filled with wheat that you pop into the microwave. Many also contain lavender which soothes back pain.

Topical Remedies

Topical remedies are oils, creams or salves that you apply to the skin. They work their way through the pores in our skin and to the bloodstream.

Once in the bloodstream, they spring into action and begin reducing inflammation. Top choices are arnica oil, rosemary essential oil and jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil is warming and very effective when it comes to dealing with many kinds of muscular and skeletal pains.

Final Thoughts

If you are concerned about your lower back, it is important that you visit a medical professional. Most doctors and physiotherapists can help. Chiropractors are also very good at treating problems associated with neck and back pain.

Preventing your condition from worsening is important. That is why it is important you take action.

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