How to Sleep With Back Pain - Your Back Pain Relief

How to Sleep With Back Pain

Experiencing back pain when sleeping does not exactly make it easy to get a night’s rest. Suffering long-term back pain can in a worst-case scenario lead to insomnia. This can be followed by other associated mental and physical health conditions.

Why Do You Have Back Pain When Sleeping?

Why do you have back pain when sleeping - Your Back Pain Relief

Most importantly, it is crucial to get diagnosed. You need to know why you are suffering from back pain. For instance, many pregnant women experience back pain in the latter stages of their pregnancies. But, there are many other reasons for back pain. It is always best to find out why you are experiencing back pain.

Back Pain and Posture

Back pain is often made worst by certain posture problems. When we lay down, we don’t always end up in the best position for our backs. If you suspect it is your posture which is at the root of the problem, it is a good idea to check your sleeping arrangements.

● How old is your pillow?
● Does your pillow support your neck?
● When was the last time you changed your mattress?
● Are you using an orthopaedic mattress?

When it comes to sleeping without back pain, investing extra in your sleep comfort is the best idea. Here are a few ideas that you should put into practice:

● Buy an orthopaedic mattress
● Invest in a pillow that supports your neck
● Buy a bolster cushion that you can lean against in bed.

Exercising Before Going to Bed

Exercising Before Going to Bed - Your Back Pain Relief

We suffer back pain because of various reasons. One of the most common reasons behind unexplained back pain is a sedentary lifestyle. What does this mean? It simply means you sit down or lay down too much.

When you sit down all day at work or when you work from home, it is a good idea to get active when you are not working. Getting active does not mean you have to go to the gym. Getting active could be doing something as simple as going for a walk.

The best exercises for better posture and sleep in bed also include swimming, yoga and pilates. Many also say that tai-chi helps them.

Basically, any exercise which forces you to use your spine in a different way from when sitting down, helps you to improve your posture. It has to do with spinal compression. As you sit, the vertebrae in your spine are pressed together. This can lead to back pain and nerve damage.

If you do it down a lot, consider wearing a back brace that helps to support your back and spinal column during the day.

What About Taking a Bath?

A bath or hot shower can help to ease back pain, but it is not the ultimate solution. If you find yourself spending extra time in the bath or shower to remedy back pain, you have to ask yourself what is going on.

If you think that you are experiencing back when in bed because of a muscle problem, adding herbs such as arnica and rosemary to your bath and shower can help.

Another trick is to let the water run cold for a few minutes and then switch to warm. This is another great way of easing muscle tension.

Taking A Sauna To Relieve Back Pain

Taking A Sauna To Relieve Back Pain - Your Back Pain Relief

You may not have access to a sauna or steam room at home, but having a sauna or going for a steam certainly helps.

Don’t worry about cold plunge pools. You don’t have to jump into cold water to get benefits from using a sauna. Instead, take a cold shower before you go into the sauna. When you get too warm in the sauna, pop outside for a cold shower and go back in. It is the hot and cold action that you can do wonders for back pain.

Using Lotions and Potions

Of course, you can try a variety of lotions and potions. Voltarol is good a good gel when you are experiencing pain. But the downside is that Voltarol and other medicated pain-killing gels don’t deal with the underlying health condition. They only reduce the pain but do not treat or remedy the reason you have back pain.

If you would like to remedy the underlying condition when it is caused by inflammation, you should try using arnica instead. Arnica is a natural herbal product that comes in both gel format and creams. You can also buy oral pastilles, drops and homoeopathy pellets.

MSM and fish oil supplements are also associated with a reduction in back pain when sleeping.

Should I Buy A Back Support?

Are you finding it hard to stay in the right position in bed? If this is what is causing you to have back pain when you sleep, buying a back support or posture corrector is a great idea.

Despite what many say, you can wear a back support when you sleep. At first, it may feel a bit strange. But, as time goes on, and your back support or posture corrector starts to re-align your spine, sleeping soon becomes more comfortable.

Wearing A Back Support During the Day

Wearing A Back Support During the Day - Your Back Pain Relief

What about wearing a back support during the day? When you know your back pain is a result of sitting down too much or poor posture, wearing a support during the day is another solution you can try.

Thanks to new manufacturing techniques, you also get supports you can wear when you are exercising. Don’t think that your support is going to weaken your back.

Instead, it is gently going to encourage you to achieve a better posture. Exercising with a posture corrector helps to build muscle and improve the condition of your tendons. Toning and building muscle is important when you want to reduce back pain.

If you are concerned about your weight, you should also try to lose weight.

Final Thoughts

Coping with back when you are about to go to bed is not what you want to be doing. Always find out why you are experiencing back pain and then take the appropriate action. Taking pain killers and NSAIDs long-term is never the right solution and will not fix the underlying problem.

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