Tips For A Good Lower Back Massage

Tips For A Good Lower Back Massage

Are you suffering from lower back pain? When you suffer from lower back pain, it is easy to put your life on hold. Many of us who suffer from back pain let it take over our lives. However, when it comes to lower back pain, there is a plethora of actions you can take to improve the condition. 

Natural Lower Back Pain Relief

Back Stretches

Diagnosing any kind of back pain is not easy. Sciatica is one health condition which causes lower back pain. Falling or other traumatic injuries are also strongly associated with lower pain. 

Taking anti-inflammatory drugs or pain killers are two options, but natural solutions are often as effective. One option you can try, is going for a massage or even trying a home massage for lower back pain relief. 

What Is The Best Time Of The Day To Have A Massage? 


You may think that any time of the day is perfect for a back massage. However, in general, when you suffer from lower back pain, the best time of the day to go for a massage, is later on in the morning. 

When you first wake up, your back is stiff and you are probably experiencing more pain than when you were active the previous day. Getting active first thing in the morning, helps to increase circulation. Once you increase your blood circulation, the pain behind inflammatory conditions ease quickly. It is a good idea to go for a walk and get moving before you go for a back massage. 

The best time to go for a massage is after you have kick started your circulation. Doing so means that you will notice more benefits from the massage. When you come back home, enjoy some rest and lunch. That way, the positive effects of your lower back massage remain in place for longer. 

Home Massage For Lower Back Pain

Home massage

A home made massage for lower back pain has many of the same benefits as a professional massage. When you want to increase the positive effects, it is a good idea to invest in a foam roller for lower back pain relief. Using a foam roller means that you can massage the affected area much better and achieve long lasting results. 

Another top tip for lower back pain relief at home includes using aromatherapy oils when you have your massage. Aromatherapy oils help to remedy and lower inflammatory response quickly. The most popular oils include ginger, lavender and rosemary.

Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities, and at the same time, increases circulation. Increased circulation lowers the body's response to free radicals that are associated with inflammation. As a result, you will almost immediately experience less pain and stiffness. Ginger also warms the affected area. 

Lavender has for a long time been associated with improved muscle health and a lower pain response. The positive side effects of a massage using lavender aromatherapy oil are long lasting and help you to feel more relaxed. 

Rosemary has a historic track record of improving circulation and easing painful conditions. The oil is highly effective, but don't opt for this oil when you suffer from epilepsy or seizures. Instead use lavender or ginger essential oil. 

An alternative essential oil that works well for lower back pain, is jojoba oil. Before you use it, make sure it is a pure jojoba oil.

What To Do After A Massage For Lower Back Pain


After your massage, you should relax. By now you are probably experiencing a lot less pain. That is great, and is now essential that the positive results remain in place. Don't try to do too much such as doing the house work or any other strenuous activities.

For instance, before you go to bed, it is a good idea to have a bath or hot shower. When you come out of the bath or shower, use your foam roller to stimulate circulation before you go to bed. Once you are in bed, make sure that the necessarily supports available to sleep well. 

Good sleep is associated with a lower anti-inflammatory response. You will wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. 

Other Tips For Coping With Lower Back Pain

Foam Rollers

When it comes to back problems, keeping a foam roller for lower back pain is a good idea. But, there are other aids that can help you as well. Wearing a support is a additional option. The right kind of support helps to improve your posture and makes exercising easier. 

Losing weight is a great way to make sure that you reduce your risk of lower back pain. Excess weight puts an increased strain on your back, especially the lower region, and often leads to a range of spinal problems. 

Can the right foods help you when it comes to beating lower back pain? Food plays a huge role when it comes to any kind of inflammatory disease. When you know that you are prone to back and joint pain, it is best to avoid foods such as oranges and other acidic fruits and vegetables. Oily fish should make up a large part of your diet. Your diet also needs to include other foods that help to fight inflammation. 

Grains, seeds, and vegetables including broccoli and cauliflower are all fantastic anti-inflammatory foods. On top of that, you should make sure that you cook with spices which help you to heal your body. Keep herbs and spices such as turmeric, garlic and other ground spices in your cupboard. Turmeric is particularly useful when it comes to reducing inflammation. 

In Conclusion

Massages are one of the tools that you should turn to when you fight lower back pain. A back massager is not only for when you experience back problems. Use it to help to keep your back healthy and make sure your circulation is good. 

Watch your weight and eat the right the foods to support your body. Lower back pain relief is achieved in many different ways. It is best to have a multitude of methods in your arsenal as possible. 


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