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The Best Exercises To Strengthen Lower Back

Many of us will find ourselves challenged by lower back pain one time in our lives or another. Doing exercises to strengthen your lower back will help with both back pain relief and avoiding back pain in the first place. 

The best exercises for lower back pain, include lower back stretches, gentle weight lifting, and using exercise bands. However, you should never underestimate the positive impact exercises such as walking and swimming can have on your back. Not only are they aerobic exercises that will improve your cardiovascular health, they will help to improve circulation. When you improve circulation, building strong muscles becomes easier. Improved circulation helps to reduce the pain associated with lower back pain. 

Walking For Back Pain Treatment At Home 

Walking to help back pain

Walking is by far one the best exercises you can do at home or at work. Instead of spending your lunch break sitting down, why not go for a walk instead? Not only will walking on your lunch break go towards your exercises for lower back pain, but it will help to burn calories. Staying a healthy weight is important when you are suffering from lower back pain. Obesity and being overweight is a contributing factor as far as lower back pain is concerned.  

Can you walk indoors? There is no reason why you can't walk indoors. Mini treadmills are now becoming popular. Also, you will find that there are numerous exercise instructors offering free walking exercises on YouTube. 

You don't necessarily need any special equipment to walk for lower back pain, but a pair of MBT walking shoes and walking poles, will help you to achieve better posture. 

Swimming For Lower Back Pain

Swimming For Back Pain - YBRP

Swimming is another great way to exercise when you want to reduce back pain. 

Start slowly and try to work your way up to doing at least 500 metres per week. Swimming classes for lower back pain are popular. You may even want to have a go at cold water swimming which is associated with a reduction in inflammation in the body. 

 5 Simple Exercises To Strengthen Lower Back 

When you suffer from lower back pain, it is often hard to get down on the floor. Yes, exercising on the floor to strengthen your lumbar spine is a great idea, but sometimes it is not possible. 

You don't have to get down on the floor to exercise. Positive results are easy to achieve when you are seating down or standing up. 

Easy Exercises That You Can Do At Home For Lower Back Pain

Exercise to help your back - YBPR

Our workout for lower back relief focuses on strengthening the lumbar region of your lower back. 

1)Against The Wall Push Offs 

Repetitions: 15 Sets: 3

Stand with your feet apart and your hands raised to shoulder height. Place your palms against the wall, leaning into your hands with your body at a slight angle. Push against the wall and do 15 repetitions. If you feel that 3 sets is too much for you, it is okay to start with two sets. 

2)Lumbar Spine Rotations

Repetitions: 15 Sets: 3

Lumbar spine rotations work to free up the spine. They will also help to strengthen and improve the flexibility of the muscles and tendons surrounding the spine. 

Our spine rotations are safe and easy to do.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Place your palms on your shoulders so that your elbows are level with your shoulder. 

Slowly twist your body forward until your elbow is lined up with your belly button. Don't rush this exercise. You will soon notice a positive effect on your flexibility and muscle quality along your entire spinal column. 

3) Side Bends With Or Without Weights

Repetitions: 15 Sets: 3

When you want to increase the intensity of this exercise, you can use free weights or dumb bells. However, you still get effective results by using your body's natural resistance. 

Once again, stand with your feet hip distance apart. Let your arms hang out to the sides and slowly let your hand drop down towards your knees. If you feel any resistance, stop at that level but do carry on with the rest of repetitions. 

4) Squats With Raised Arms

Repetitions: 15 Sets: 3 

You may not think that squats can help to improve your lower back pain, but they certainly can. As a matter of fact, this is an excellent exercise to do if you suffer from sciatica. The posture takes a lot of strain of your lower back

Adopt the frog leg squat position standing with your legs wide apart. Place your hands on your shoulders. Reach with your arms up above your head and bring them back down to your shoulders again. Do the exercise slowly and you will feel a distinct stretch in your lower back. Exhaling as you reach up and inhaling as you come down to increase the effectiveness. 

5) Leg Raises To Strengthen Your Core

Repetitions: 15 Sets: 3

Strengthening your tummy muscles is also important. Your entire core strength matters when it comes to maintaining a healthy lumbar spine. That does not mean that you have to get down on the floor to do sit ups. Standing up is also effective and will not hurt your back or neck. 

Stand with your feet slightly apart and arms at your sides. Fix your eyes on a certain position on the wall. Bring your right elbow out to slightly below chest height. Raise your left knee to meet the elbow and complete 15 repetitions on that side. Switch to the other side and do the same thing. It may seem like a lot, but 3 sets of 15 repetitions on each side will give the exercise the same intensity as you would achieve with a floor based workout. 

Exercises to strengthen your lower back are best done on a daily basis. Our easy to follow workout does not take a lot of time. It helps to strengthen the muscles surrounding your lumbar spine and gives you a bit of an overall workout at the same time.


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