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How To Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic nerve pain is uncomfortable and very alarming. If you have not experienced sciatica before, you may think something more serious is wrong.

The truth is that sciatica is a debilitating condition. It is painful and can take a long time to get over.

The good news is that you can relieve sciatic nerve pain and recover from the condition. Natural home remedies are often as effective as conventional treatments.

What Is the Fastest Way to Relieve Sciatic Pain?

Although you are pretty sure that you have sciatica, it is important to get a professional medical diagnosis confirming your suspicions. Once you have that, you can start dealing with the nerve pain.

When it comes to getting your back pain relief from Sciatica, there are no hard and fast rules. What works for one person may not work for another.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Pain means your body is sending you an alarm signal. One of the best things you can do is to make yourself comfortable.

Often in the case of sciatica, finding a comfortably sitting and sleeping position eases the pain. It takes pressure off the affected nerves and helps to reduce inflammation.

Making yourself comfortable is not easy. As far as sciatica goes, you often need a bit of help. Using physical support works well. Just be aware that you may need one type of support for sitting down and another one for when you are in bed.

Relieve Sciatica By Getting Active

Although it is important to get some rest, getting more active is crucial. This is ultimately what is going to help you recover from sciatica.

That does not mean you should take up cross fit or step aerobics. It has been proven that walking is one of the best exercises for sciatica.

Walking helps to “free” the nerves affected by the condition. If you are experiencing severe sciatica, you should not walk without wearing a support for your lower back. The right support helps to reduce pain and discomfort.

Furthermore, wearing a support helps to improve your posture. Bad posture is one of the most common reasons behind sciatica.

Taking Painkillers

When you speak to your doctor, ask for his advice when it comes to taking medication. You may not need prescription medication, but ibuprofen certainly helps.

Ibuprofen can reduce inflammation. However, that does not mean you have “cured” yourself of sciatica. Keep on exercising and using the supports until you feel confident that you can stop taking the anti-inflammatory medication (NSAID.)

Once you have not experienced pain or discomfort for a week, you can start thinking about cutting down on medication. Return to normal activity slowly. Try to be aware of how your body feels. Don’t rush it. If you notice a return of symptoms, take a step back.

Natural Remedies for Sciatica

Fortunately, there are many natural remedies that work well when you are combatting sciatica.

One of the best natural remedies you can use is probably arnica. This herbal remedy comes in many shapes and sizes. Allergies and sensitivities to arnica are rare. This is why it is such an excellent remedy.

You can buy arnica tablets that you put under your tongue. Let them dissolve and you soon notice you experience less pain. That is only one of the ways you can use arnica.

Arnica is also available as a gel, salve and cream. Weleda is one of the leading manufacturers of arnica based products. Their creams, gels and salves are high in concentration of arnica.

Using topical remedies including gels is a great sciatica remedy. However, you should not forget to take arnica tablets.

Can you use topical arnica remedies and take arnica tablets simultaneously? There is no reason why. As a matter of fact, doing so is a great way of reducing arnica pain fast.

Can I Stop Sciatica From Returning?

That depends on what caused your sciatica. If it was caused by a traumatic event such as a fall or accident, it may not return.

When sciatica is caused by poor posture or something else that you do, it is likely to rear its ugly head again. It is best to try to figure out what caused your sciatica.

If you think it is poor posture when sitting, you should correct the problem. When sciatica has been caused by lifting, you need to examine your lifting technique.

Red Flags in Sciatica

What are sciatica red flags? On rare occasions, sciatica is caused by spinal column disc degeneration.

If your sciatica persists, or you notice pain in the upper thighs, you should contact your doctor. This could indicate that you have a more serious problem.

Urinary problems are a serious red flag when it comes to sciatica. Both retention and leakage are indications that something more serious is wrong.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From Sciatic Nerve Pain?

This varies a great deal. If you put personal effort into the recovery process, you can often recover from sciatica in a matter of weeks.

When you are in pain, ending up sitting on the sofa or taking to your bed is tempting. But, it is the worst thing you can do. Getting active and staying active is what is going to help you to recover from sciatica.

If you feel uncomfortable pain, don’t forget about using posture correctors or back supports. Any kind of support can help you on your road to recovery.

Diet and Sciatica

Reducing the amount of acidic foods you eat also helps to reduce inflammation. The worst culprits when it comes to nerve pain is often citric acid. Oranges are especially rich in citric acid.

When you are experiencing sciatica staying away from acidic fruits and foods can help. Make sure you check your diet.

Final Thoughts

Sciatica is not uncommon. It is relatively easy to self diagnose. If the condition does not improve quickly, it is always best to visit a doctor.

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