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Simple Posture Exercises to Improve Posture

Taking care of our posture is an essential part of looking after our general health. Having a good posture benefits your entire body. It helps you to reduce back pain, breathe better and even make digesting your food easier.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t look after our posture or know how to improve our posture. The right kind of posture exercises will help you to improve your posture and so will a posture corrector.

Simple Posture Exercises to Improve Posture - Your Back Pain Relief

How To Take Action Against Posture Problems

If you find that you suffer from frequent lower back pain or other aches in the body, you should take stock of your posture. Posture problems are more common in people who sit a large part of the day but can affect others as well.

For instance, exercising without the right type of posture support can quickly cause posture problems. That yoga move you have always wanted to do may look easy but without a posture brace, you can damage your back. Yoga teachers often recommend posture support for beginners.

When you are concerned about your posture, you should start to introduce posture exercises to your daily routine.

When Is The Best Time To Do Posture Exercises?

When is the best time to do posture exercises? - Your Back Pain Relief

Although posture exercises can be done throughout the day, the optimum time to do them is in the morning.

When you do your posture exercises in the morning, any posture corrections are more likely to stay in place. Going to bed shortly after your exercises risk putting any posture corrections out of place.

Using a posture corrector both during and after your exercises is a good idea. It will help to protect you during your workout. Afterward, it will make sure positive changes are not affected by bad habits.

What Are The Best Posture Exercises? 

What Are The Best Posture Exercises?  - Your Back Pain Relief

Some posture exercises are better than others. Swimming is often advocated as a great posture exercise. At first, swimming does sound like a really good idea, but there is a downside. Most of us don’t adopt the right posture when we swim and we may even put extra strain on our body. When you want to use swimming as a posture exercise, it is best to take some classes and learn how to swim to benefit your posture.

Walking For Better Posture

Walking For Better Posture - Your Back Pain Relief

One of the best exercises you can do to improve your posture is walking. Going for a walk will help to straighten your spine and expand your chest to give your lungs extra space. Walking is the best way to improve both cardio function and posture. Once again, learning how to walk to “properly” is important when you need to improve your posture.

Wearing a posture support is essential when you suffer from lower backache or other back problems. Believe it or not, Nordic walking poles used in the right sort of way make a fantastic posture corrector.

Instead of extending your walking poles “sloppily” in front of you, grip them firmly, stand up tall and reach out with your walking poles when you stride out.

Make sure you don’t overreach. Before you set off check your average stride. Your stride should equal your reached out arm to make sure you adopt a better posture. Check yourself in a mirror before you leave home. Are you standing up straight?

Will you experience back pain? You may do, but this is mostly down to the fact that muscles and tendons need to re-align themselves. Just one of the reasons it is essential to use a posture support.

Try to walk for at least 30 minutes per day to improve your posture.

Tai-Chi For Better Posture

Tai-Chi For Better Posture - Your Back Pain Relief

Many doctors recommend yoga. But, as any yoga teacher will tell you, when you suffer from severe posture problems, yoga is not the best way to exercise.

A much better way to exercise is by trying a Tai-Chi class. Yoga is good for you but it does involve a lot of floor work. When you suffer from poor posture and would like to correct it quickly, you may find floor work a challenge.

Tai-chi focuses on the core of the body. In other words, your stomach and lower back area. One of the first things you will learn is how to align your spine properly. It is often referred to as “stacking”.

This means your teacher will help you to make sure each vertebra in your spine is aligned. To make sure changes stay in place, using a posture support is a good idea. The correct posture support will still allow you to move and keep your spine aligned

Tai-chi is a very gentle way to exercise, but don’t let it fool you. This ancient Chinese way of moving will also help to increase your lung capacity, increase your cardiovascular function and boost your circulation. All essential parts of any fitness regime.

Tai-chi benefits you at any stage of your life. It does not matter if you are 20 years old or 70 years young.

Should I Wear My Posture Support All Of The Time?

Should I Wear My Posture Support All Of The Time? - Your Back Pain Relief

If you have been recommended a posture support to correct your posture, you should wear it as much as is practically possible. Many take their posture corrector or posture brace off when they don’t experience any pain. That is not the right thing to do.

On average, it takes you at least 4 to 6 weeks to correct your posture. During that time, you should wear your chosen posture support more or less all of the time.

Should I visit a chiropractor? It is a good idea to visit a chiropractor or physiotherapist. They will give you advice on the right posture exercises for you. Some of us have our own unique posture problems and need personalised advice.

However, the best thing you can do when you notice a posture problem or experience back pain, is to change your lifestyle. This is your body asking you for help. Don’t let the problem carry on and start taking anti-inflammatory drugs when you don’t need to.

Exercise and the right kind of posture support can both help to improve the condition and deal with pain as effectively as many of the most popular conventional medications. Natural remedies will also help. You don’t need to spend a fortune on over the counter drugs which can, in the long run, do more harm than good.

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