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Top Tips On Maintaining Posture When Working From Home

When we work from home, we need to set our own “health and safety” standards. There are those who say that health and safety does not matter to home workers. But, if you find yourself in bed with a crippling backache, you will soon change your mind.  

Staying healthy when you work from home is just as essential as when you work with others in an office. Spending 8 hours per day working on your laptop from your kitchen table is not the smartest thing you can do. The way you set up your home office matters.

At the same time, you should also check out the best steps you can take to protect your posture. Exercises to improve posture will help along with a posture corrector.

How To Sit Correctly At Home

How To Sit Correctly At Home - Your Back Pain Relief

There are many ways in which you can “sit correctly” at home. Not all homeworkers choose to work from the kitchen table. When you have your own dedicated home office area, working from home is not only easier, but also more efficient.

When you have enough space, consider having two desks. Of course, you may need to have an ordinary sit down desk, but you should also consider a stand-up desk. In the last few years, standing up to work has rapidly become the latest craze.

Not only is it good for your back and your posture, but it will also help you to breathe better and increase your blood circulation.

Using a stand-up desk for the first time can feel a little bit strange and your back may even feel sore. It means you do not as yet have all of the muscles in place to support your back. A back posture corrector will help you “train” your tendons and muscles. 

A magnetic posture corrector can even help you to reduce inflammation you are likely to experience.

Starting Your Day The Right Way

Starting Your Day The Right Way - Your Back Pain Relief

Working from home has many advantages. When you work from home, incorporating exercises becomes much easier. Of course, discipline is still important, but as traveling to work is no longer an issue, figure out a way how to repurpose the time you would have spent traveling.

Here are a couple of ideas you should consider, and house cleaning is not part of the list.  

  • Go for a walk before work and during your at-home lunch break. Starting the day with an hour's walk will help to improve your circulation.
  • Did you know walking with your arms swinging will make your posture much better? Take a 20-minute break before you eat lunch and go for another walk.
  • Take a break. Don't turn working at home into an excuse for not taking breaks. When you work in an office, you will more than likely take a couple of breaks during the day. Carry on doing so but use your breaks in a much more constructive way than spending your time talking to yourself while making a cup of coffee.
  • YouTube is packed with short tai-chi and yoga videos which can help you to improve your posture. Check out this 5-minute tai-chi work out which will boost your posture.
  • Alternate between sitting and standing. When you have two different desks, you can quickly alternate between standing and sitting.
  • Buy a pair of Masai walking shoes. They are a great way of toning your legs and improving your posture. Believe it or not, it is true – these shoes will help you stand taller and make you want to stretch.

Home Exercises To Improve Posture

Home Exercises To Improve Posture - Your Back Pain Relief

At first, fitting in home exercise is a challenge for most home workers. It is a matter of finding the right exercises for you. If you feel you are becoming more sedentary, it is a good idea to think about ways in which you can burn calories and increase your energy levels.

Many exercises that help you burn calories will also improve your posture. This is how easy it is:

  • Stop once an hour and walk up and down the stairs for five minutes. Did you know stair climbing can burn 15 calories per minute? Standing up tall increases your cardio capacity and improves your posture. This is a smart way to burn an extra 120 calories per day.
  • Chair yoga is another great way to work out. Never think about yoga as a stagnant exercise. Kundalini yoga is an energy form of yoga and can include things like exercises such as tricep dips, squats and leg raises. When you practice yoga for back pain relief, it is essential you stretch out of your core. Needless to say, this helps you to boost your posture as you exercise.
  • In the mood for some house cleaning? You may feel like doing some house cleaning when you are working from home. But, before you start sweeping the floor, bear in mind there is more than one smart way of using a broom. Put it on your shoulders, hold on to it with both hands and swing from side to side. Make sure your hips face forward and you will have another great exercise to improve your posture and give your waist a workout. 
  • Don't feel like getting out of your chair? That is not a problem. Invest in a couple of dyno bands and do arm exercises in your chair. Hold the band with both hands, bring them together in front of you and then move them out in line with your shoulder. Just one of the many easy exercises you can do from your chair which also encourages you to improve your posture.

Never make working from home a reason not to exercise. The truth is that keeping fit and improving your posture has never been more accessible.

Looking after your spine when you work from home is a top priority. The great news is that you don't have to worry about interacting with others. That makes it easier for you to incorporate a posture corrector.

Both a magnetic posture support and back posture corrector will help you to improve your posture and make working from safer and comfortable.


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