Are Posture Braces Bad for You?

Are Posture Braces Bad for You?

Are Posture Braces Bad for You? Are you in good shape with your posture right now?

Sometimes most of us don't realise that reading a book, working on our laptops, sleeping on the couch, breastfeeding, driving for long hours and many other daily activities that promote bad posture can cause you undesirable effects on our bodies.

Therefore, posture braces aren't bad for you. Well, some people might think they are in good shape because they physically train and workout regularly.

However, are these fitness enthusiasts really in their best shape? What are their postures like whenever they are doing crunches and lifting weights?

Without a doubt, posture braces are invaluable tools that help you uphold a healthy and proper posture. Just like wrinkles show signs of aging, bad posture can make you look older than your actual age.  

So, how does a posture brace improve the quality of your life? A good posture is not only important to your health but also good for your image. Here are some ways in which braces can improve the quality of your life.

Read on to find out more.  

Improved Circulation

Improved Circulation - Your Back Pain Relief

Besides mobility problems and injury, people who spend a lot of their time sitting are at risk of having blood circulation problems.

Prolonged sitting, without proper posture, causes your bodies muscles to fatigue and compress blood vessels which are responsible for supplying blood to the muscles.

In turn, the compressed blood vessels hinder the normal circulation of blood in the body.

If it's a must for you to spend a lot of your time sitting at home or work, use posture correctors to regularly and change your position to avoid back or neck pain.

Posture braces ensure your spine does not move towards the front of the body and interfere with circulation.

It also centres your head on top of your spine in a slightly forward but relaxed position.

Improved Breathing

Improved breathing - Your Back Pain Relief

Did you know that the way you breathe affects your body functions such as blood pressure and heart rate?

Proper breathing reinforces your body mechanics and puts less stress on your body whenever you move.

Several studies have revealed that slumping down reduces the lung capacity as well as expiratory flow.

These studies also revealed that standing or sitting for a few minutes after slumping down or slouching is not enough to improve your respiratory functions.

Your ligaments, muscles, and tendons need to be constantly trained to stay upright in order to create yourself an upward lifestyle.

Increased Confidence  

Increased Confidence - Your Back Pain Relief

Research studies done by Columbia and Harvard universities revealed that improving your standing or sitting posture results in the improvement of your brain's functions and thus your confidence, mood, and memory levels.

This means that your posture influences how you view yourself and also how other people view you.  

For instance, if you are slumped down or slouching during a job interview, the interviewer will see you as a less confident person.

This may make him/he have an impulse to judge your capability of carrying out your tasks properly.

Using posture correctors helps you look better and in a good posture since your shoulder back, and the rest of your body are always aligned.  

Better Back Health

Better Back Health - Your Back Pain Relief

Your spine can stable and strong if you practice improving your posture. Whenever you stoop or slouch, your muscles strain to keep your body balanced. This leads to headaches, back pain, and many other health problems.

A good and healthy posture helps maintain your spine's curves (thoracic curve, cervical curve, and lumbar curve) in their natural positions while a poor posture pulls and causes stress and pain on your spine.  

Almost everyone has had some back pain at one point in their lives. It may be as a result of an accident, a congenital condition, e.g., scoliosis, or a sports-related injury.

However, lower and upper back pain develop throughout your day-to-day life. Repetitive activities are the leading cause of back pain.

Fortunately, you can use posture braces to keep your body upright and protect yourself from back pain.

Reduced Stress

Reduce Stress - Your Back Pain Relief

Correct posture is critical in reducing your levels of both neck and back pain. A proper sitting or standing position keeps all parts of your body supported and balanced.

When you are standing in an upright posture, it should be possible for someone to draw an imaginary straight line from your earlobe, via your shoulders, hips, knees, and the middle of your ankle.  

Not only will you relieve stress by staying upright, but you'll also improve your overall health and happiness.

An upright sitting posture is especially essential for keeping your body structure healthy-which leads to reduced strain and stress.

Taller Appearance

Stand Tall With Good Posture - Your Back Pain Relief

What if I told you there was a way you could instantly add to your height, trim some fat from the middle of your body and even look more vibrant without spending any money?

The truth is, anyone can get all of these benefits if they train their body to stand and sit straight.

A good posture makes you look taller, thinner, and younger. Your family and friends will also see you as more relaxed and energetic.

This is because whenever you maintain a good posture, you relieve any compression on body vessels; thus, your joints are lubricated, your internal body organs function properly, blood flows well, and your respiratory deepens. 


In addition to affecting the neck and back regions, poor posture can significantly affect your internal organs.

Nonetheless, it's possible to reverse all of these symptoms and regain your better looks and confidence.

If you want to maintain or improve your health as you age, it's crucial that you work on your posture from a young age to avoid health problems later in life.

Other than supportive daily habits combined with rigorous exercise, posture support braces are very helpful in reminding you to stand or sit in a straight position.

This is because it's sometimes challenging to keep your spine in upright when your muscles or arms are strained while you are doing some task.


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