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Bad Habits That Ruin Your Posture

Bad posture habits are often the main reason we suffer from both neck and back pain. Not only can poor posture lead to back problems. Surprisingly, ongoing back problems caused by incorrect posture lead to headaches, sinus issues, and jaw ache.

If you find yourself suffering from backache that you can't explain, taking a look at your posture is one of the first things you should do.

Sitting In A Bad Posture Position

One of the most common reasons for back pain is sitting in a wrong or awkward position.

Sitting down for extended periods is now part of our daily lives. Whether we work from home or in an office, we spend a great deal of time sitting down.

Three of the worst “sitting habits” for poor posture include slouching to one side, leaning forward towards the screen, and sinking down in your seat.

Holding your hand underneath your chin when you read the screen leads to tension in the neck, shoulders, and yaw.

Next time you find yourself resting your head in your hand while looking at your computer, check your posture. Are you sitting straight?

Sitting straight is much more difficult than you think. Even a small amount of tension can lead to pressure on the spine.

It is a natural movement that is difficult to control. That is why you see many office workers using a posture corrector. 

Looking Down On Mobile Devices 

Looking Down On Mobile Devices - Your Back Pain Relief

Increasingly we are spending time looking at and using mobile devices.

When you next pick up a tablet to check your email or place yet another Amazon order, take a few moments to check your posture. Are you bending your neck? Yes, it is just a slight movement, but when we do it repeatedly, it places strain on our necks.

What about checking messages on your phone or watching YouTube on the train on your way home from work? That is another cause for concern when it comes to bad posture habits.

Using our smartphones to check out our social media accounts is another thing we do without thinking about it. Once again, you are adding strain on your neck, shoulder area and upper back.

Do you feel dizzy when you stand up after having checked your social media accounts? That is a sign that your neck area is carrying extra tension that it needs to release.

Mobile devices are great, but we should think carefully about how often we use them.

Cradling Your Phone

Cradling Your Phone - Your Back Pain Relief

You are probably all too familiar with this case scenario as we all do it.

Cradling your phone when we talk on it is probably something that we do every day. It is one of the worst things that you can do as far as posture is concerned.

Did you know that this simple action on a long term basis can lead you to experience problems similar to a whiplash injury? Our necks are simply not meant to bend like that. Even doing so for a short time, can cause damage to the upper spine.

You may notice some unusual symptoms such as sinus problems, headaches and tension in the neck. All three are signs that poor posture is at the bottom of your problem.

Investing in a headset is a great idea. That way, you can keep your phone in your pocket or hold it in your hand.

Working In A Relaxed Position

Working In A Relaxed Position - Your Back Pain Relief

Yes, modern technology is great. Almost all of us are proud owners of laptops.

Laptops are great but we should think about our posture when we use them.

Many are still working from home, and working from home is getting increasingly popular. The problem is that when we work from home, we often forget about our posture. Ergonomically designed desks and chairs are often replaced by kitchen tables and dining chairs.

That means we often end up sitting in the wrong position. If you have been sitting in the same position for a while, you may feel stiff and notice some tension when you stand up. You will feel like stretching. That will help to release the tension but the damage may already be done.

But, working at our kitchen tables is not the only thing that can challenge our posture.

How many times have you used your laptop in bed to do some work or used it while sitting on the sofa? Your laptop is just like your tabletop computer. It is important to make sure that your posture is right when you use your laptop.

Sitting Down Too Much

Sitting Down Too Much - Your Back Pain Relief

Thanks to our modern lifestyle, our lives are now much more sedentary than they were about 20 years ago.

Work and lifestyle habits have changed a lot but we have not thought about the effect our new “sit down lifestyle” is having on us. Not only can it lead to access weight gain, but a sedentary lifestyle can also lead to posture problems.

How do you feel when you finish work for the day? It would probably be fair to say that you feel tired. Unfortunately, many of us don't do something that can give us energy and help us to cope with our sedentary lifestyle. Most of us go home and sit down in front of our big screen TV instead of getting active.

What we are doing, is increasing the risk of health problems as a result of our sedentary lifestyles.

Bad posture habits can lead to so much more than spinal problems. In the long run, poor posture will lead to excess weight, migraines, poor circulation, and muscle loss. 

In Conclusion

You should watch your posture and take steps to improve it. Posture correctors can help you whether you are working from home or in an office. At the same time, getting active is important. 

Exercising for a healthy posture does not have to be complicated. Going for a walk is a great idea. On top of that, you should also try to incorporate other exercising including yoga, pilates and tai-chi.

Tackling bad habits that ruin your posture can make you feel so much better both mentally and physically.


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