Foam Roller Exercises You Can Safely Do At Home

Foam Roller Exercises You Can Safely Do At Home

When you want to exercise at home, investing in a foam roller, is a great idea. A foam roller is a gentle way to exercise. It allows you to strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility at the same time. 

As an experienced yoga teacher, I know that a foam roll for lower back pain can help to control and reduce the condition. We often forget to exercise our backs Most of the time, we focus on our stomach and other areas of the body. However, if we spent more time working out our backs, we would naturally achieve better posture which would help us to control other self-image problems we may have. 

Foam Roller For Back Pain Exercises

 Foam Roller Exercises You Can Safely Do At Home

When you suffer back pain, it is not always easy to get down on the floor. With our easy to follow foam roller back exercise for back pain tips, you don't have to do so. There are some floor foam roller exercises that are better done on the floor. However, if you find it difficult to get down, there is no reason why you should not use the alternatives. 

Stand Tall With Your Foam Roller

Place your foam roller in between you and the wall. Make sure you are resting your shoulder blades against your foam roller and that your back is straight. 

The next thing you want need to do, is to bend your needs so that you are squatting. You will find your foam roller will naturally roll with your during this exercise. Hold the squat for about 10 seconds and rise up again. Your foam roller will follow the movement of your body. 

Repeat 10 times and move onto the next exercise.

Waist Exercising With Your Foam Roller

Waist Exercising With Your Foam Roller

With your foam roller against the wall and one arm raised above the head, lean your waist against the foam roller. 

Start to roll the foam roller up and down the wall while bending your knees. Repeat 10 times and then turn around and do the same exercise on the other side. 

Here are some more.

Strengthen Your Lower Back

When you find that getting down on the floor is too difficult, you can use your bed to complete the following exercise. If you can get down onto the floor, you should always use an exercise mat to protect your back. 

This exercise is particularly good for you when you have a lumbar back problem. If you are in pain, or find the position uncomfortable, make sure you use a lumbar support

Lay down with the foam roller under your feet. Gently start walk the roller towards your bottom using your feet. Take your time – there is no rush. 

Another version of the same exercise, is to place your roller under your ankles using the entire leg to roll it towards your buttocks by bending the knees. If you do experience back pain, it is best not to do this exercise. 

Repeat 5 times and then rest for a few minutes before moving onto the next exercise. 

Low Back Pain Relief

 Low Back Pain Relief

When you do suffer from persistent lower back pain, taking the pressure of the lower back can help a lot. A foam roller is great for when you want to take the pressure of your lower back. 

This exercise can be done in a bed or on the floor using an exercise mat. 

Place your foam roller in the middle of your back and lay down on top of it. 

Make sure that your knees are bend throughout this exercise to support your arched back. 

Take your arms and stretch them above your head reaching as far as you can. Lower  your arms back to your side and repeat the exercise 10 times. 

The exercise will gently stretch your entire back. If you are finding this hard, you can also do the exercise in a chair.

Sit tall with your foam roller tucked in behind you in the area of your lumbar back. Stretch your arms above your head and gently lean back. Come back to your starting position and repeat. 

If you want to intensify this exercise either when seated or laying down, you can add hand weights or a kettle bell. 

 Foam Rollers– A Gentle Way to Exercise

 Foam Rollers– A Gentle Way to Exercise

Using a foam roller as an exercise tool, is a very gentle way to exercise. It can help to support your back and improve your posture. When you want to intensify an exercise, you can always add hand weights. 

Make sure that you are not uncomfortable and experience pain at any time. If you do so, adapt the exercise to your own needs. Standing up to do foam roller exercises give your body an overall workout. 

Addicted To Foam Roller Exercises? 

Addicted To Foam Roller Exercises?

Foam roll exercises are easy to get addicted to. Not only are you exercising, but you are also giving your muscles a massage. 

Fortunately, there are many different kinds of foam rollers. Check out my list of foam rolling equipment that you can use: 

Low density foam rollers are a gentle and great for people with muscle pain or skin sensitivity. 

Textured rollers have ridges and knobs on them. If you would like to stimulate your blood circulation, they are the kind of foam rollers you should use.

Travel size foam rollers are right for your arms and calves. They can target problems with your arms and ankles. 

Vibrating rollers are great for when you suffer from cellulite or low circulation. They will help to increase blood flow to the upper parts of the skin targeting stubborn spots of cellulite. 

Heated or cool foam rollers are great to use when you have suffered an injury or have a problem with general pain. 

Foam roller balls are used when exercising the hands or the neck. Place one under your chin and roll it gently from side to side on your upper chest when you suffer from neck pain. 

As always, listen to your body and make sure you don't do any exercises that can cause injuries.


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