Lower Back Pain When Bending Over

Lower Back Pain When Bending Over

Lower back pain is a common sign that something may not be right in your spine. If you are experiencing lower back pain regularly, it is a good idea to get it checked out. However, the cause of lower back pain is often poor posture.

Can Bending Over Cause Lower Back Pain Permanently?

Can Bending Over Cause Lower Back Pain Permanently?

There are back pain conditions that are caused by too much bending over. Sciatica is the most common medical condition experienced by people who bend over a lot. The sciatic nerve is located in the lower spine. You place increased pressure on the sciatic nerve when bending over.

Sciatica may be an indication that you have a herniated disk in your spine. You will experience a sensation of burning and severe pain that radiates down from the lower back down to one or both legs. On occasion, you may even find it difficult to move around or walk.

Is sciatica permanent? If you don't correct your posture, sciatica can be a permanent condition.

Learning how to manage sciatic is important. Exercising by walking and gentle stretching movements such as Tai-chi work well.

Wearing a back support for increased bracing is a great way to prevent sciatica from occurring. When you are exercising and experiencing sciatica, you should always make sure that you wear a support.

Other remedies for sciatica include hot and cold treatments. The homeopathic remedy arnica is great when it comes to soothing inflammation and reducing swelling of the sciatic nerve.

Can I Exercise When Experiencing Lower Back Pain?

Can I exercise when experiencing lower back pain ?

In the past doctors used to recommend bed rest when experiencing back pain. Now we know that taking to our bed is often the worst thing we can do. That does not mean you should try your hand at running or jogging. Instead, you should try low-impact aerobic exercise such as walking.

Thanks to new medical evidence we have learned that walking is much better for us when it comes to dealing with lower back pain. Gentle exercise increases microcirculation which in turn reduces the body's inflammatory response.

At first, it will feel awkward to exercise, and you may even experience some pain. However, once you get started you will notice your pain response is reduced. Walking with a back brace is one of the best things that you can do as it corrects your posture.

If you find it hard to keep your posture in the right position, you should add a couple of Scandinavian walking poles to your routine. They will give you added support and ensure that you walk in the right position.

When Should I See A Doctor?

If you have been experiencing lower back pain for more than two weeks, you should visit your doctor. When it comes to pain in the back preventing nerve damage is a priority. Your doctor may recommend NSAIDs or refer you to a physiotherapist.

Should you find it difficult to move any of your lower limbs or experience severe pain in your legs, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Should I Bend Over When I Exercise?

Should I bend over when I exercise?

When you know that you have a weak or sensitive lower back, you should aim to avoid extreme exercises that involve your lower back. Heavy lifting and high-intensity aerobic workouts can cause extra strain on the sensitive vertebrae in your back.

That does not mean exercise should be avoided altogether. A stronger core will help to prevent further lower back problems. You can exercise at home but it is also good to attend classes. Pilates is great for people that suffer from lower back pain.

Both Tai-chi and Pilates gently strengthen your core and improve your posture. Results are not quick but will come over time. Being patient with yourself is very important when you have a lower back problem that is re-occurring. It may flare up from time to time, but working on core strength will help to prevent it.

Do Some People Suffer Lower Back Pain More Frequently Than Others?

Yes, there are those who unfortunately experience back pain on a more regular basis than others. In some professions where you bend down a lot, you will find that being off from work is common.

Lower back pain conditions are also common in-home care workers and nurses. Keep an eye on your lifting technique and maybe try to avoid lifting altogether.

Tips For Preventing Lower Back Pain When Bending Over

The good news is that you can minimise back pain. You may have to think about the way you move but it will eventually come naturally.

Here are a couple of tips you could try:

● Bend only at the hips or knees instead of bending from the waist. Bending in this way improves your balance and significantly reduces the chance of spine, tendon, and muscle injuries.
● When you reach for an object try to avoid twisting the spine.
● Make sure that you stand correctly. Stand with your feet hip-distance and both feet firmly planted on the floor.
● Avoid carrying heavy objects. Taking a few trips is better than straining your back.
● Wear the right shoes. High-heeled shoes can make you lean forward as you walk. A pair of sneakers with a multi-layered sole assist better posture.
● Make sure that you do regular exercises to strengthen your core. Little and often is a good idea when you have a weak back. Once your core becomes stronger you can increase the intensity of your exercises and work out for longer.
● Stop smoking. Believe it or not, people that smoke often suffers from lower back pain more frequently.
Wear a brace or support to protect your lower back.
● Try to sit down less.

In Conclusion

Experiencing lower back pain when bending over is a common problem. Thanks to our modern lifestyles we have become less active. Unfortunately, that has lead to more back pain problems than ever before.

If you do experience back pain problems, you need to take ownership of them and do something about them. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen may help but it is not a long-term solution. Practicing holding a good posture and exercising are the two best natural solutions to most back pain issues that you will experience in your life.

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