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Reasons For Back Pain When Breathing

Can your back hurt when you breathe? What is going on when you notice back pain on an in or out-breath?

Yes, your back can hurt when you breathe. It may happen for no particular reason at all, but often there are reasons for upper back pain when breathing in. The condition is more common than you may think. On this page, we are going to run through the most common reasons for experiencing back pain when you inhale or exhale.

Pain In Your Back When Breathing 

Muscle strain is one of the most common reasons for back pain in the upper part of the back. This can easily cause pain when the air flows in and out of the lungs stretching the muscles. Muscle spasms are also common and they can be triggered when you take a breath or breathe out.

How is muscle strain treated? They are both conventional and alternative ways to treat the pain associated with a muscle strain. It is important to treat the underlying cause. If your muscle pain is caused by lifting heavy objects, resting your back is one of the solutions.

In the long term, you should learn more about lifting. Instead of lifting using the muscles in your back, try to use your legs instead. Bend down and use your leg muscles when you stand up again.

If you are finding this difficult, it is important to get some advice. A physiotherapist can tell you which is the correct way to lift a heavy object.

As well as rest, you can use NSAIDs, back massage and apply arnica gel to the affected area. Using cool packs is another great idea. They help to reduce inflammation, cool the area, and reduce swelling.

Could It Be Pleurisy?

Pleurisy is a medical condition that can affect anybody. In this instance, the tissue covering the outside of the lungs is affected. This quickly leads to swelling causing chest pain and breathing problems. Another symptom includes pain in one or both shoulders.

You may experience intense pain in the chest area. The pain often gets worse as you inhale. Other common symptoms include an elevated body temperature, cough, tiredness, and a sensation that your heart is racing.

Although rare, it is possible you may need treatment in a hospital. Both fluid and air can build up around the lungs and need to be removed. The most common treatment plan includes rest and medication.

Are My Breathing Problems Caused By A Fractured Vertebra?

Are My Breathing Problems Caused By A Fractured Vertebra? - Your Back Pain Relief

The vertebrae are what make up your spinal column. They are very cleverly stacked one on top of the other. Unfortunately, the structure of our spine means that even the slightest impact can cause an injury. Whiplash is a spinal column injury that can take place when we have a car accident or fall.

When an individual has fractured a vertebra in the upper part of the spinal column, he may rapidly start to experience pain when breathing. It is often a sign of a whiplash injury that many doctors miss or dismiss altogether. The pain may get worse with the slightest movement.

The treatment required depends on the severity of the injury. A neck or a back brace will help. Another alternative is physiotherapy. In general, most fractured vertebrae will heal without the need for surgery.

Can Anxiety Attacks Cause Back Pain? 

Believe it or not, even mild anxiety attacks will cause back pain when breathing. Often, when you experience a panic or anxiety attack, you start to breathe heavier. That can lead to back pain, It is not immediately clear why, but it is thought that there is a link between lack of oxygen in the immediate muscles.

You may also experience a fast heartbeat, dizziness, shaking and increased perspiration.

Therapy and mindfulness exercises can help you to better cope with anxiety attacks.

Curvature of the Spine

Curvature of the Spine - Your Back Pain Relief

The medical name for a curved spine is scoliosis. Depending on the severity, the person affected may experience breathing problems. They can worsen depending on the person's posture.

For instance, they are often worse when the person is sitting or laying down. The best possible treatment is surgery, but treatment with back supports and posture correctors are also common.

On occasion, the symptoms will include shortness of breath and pain in the bottom of the lungs. This happens when not enough oxygenated air reaches the bottom lung lobes.

A well put together physiotherapy problem will help and reduce pain.

Broken And Fractured Ribs

Broken And Fractured Ribs - Your Back Pain Relief

It is easier to break a rib than you may think. Many have broken or fractured a rib without being aware that they have done so. It is not until they start to experience breathing problems they seek medical help.

A fractured rib can in a worst-case scenario enter or touch the lung. It will certainly move around in the chest or back area touching both muscles and tendons. You may experience a sudden sharp pain when you inhale or exhale.

If this happens after you have experienced a fall or an accident, you should seek immediate medical attention. A broken rib can lead to a pierced lung which is a serious medical condition.

A hairline fracture in a rib can also cause chest pain when breathing. Unfortunately, the affected area is not always bruised. That is why broken and fractured ribs are often dismissed at first. If you feel that there is something wrong after an accident, and you have problems breathing, damaged ribs are one of the first things that should be ruled out.

The Final Verdict

When you notice any kind of a breathing problem, especially when the secondary symptom is lower back pain when breathing, you should immediately contact a doctor. Most of the time, it is nothing to worry about but back pain when breathing should not be accepted as something normal.

If you have trouble breathing due to chronic lung conditions, talk to your doctor about oxygen therapy and how it could help improve your quality of life.

All symptoms and signs of back pain when breathing deeply should be checked out.

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