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Back Stretching Equipment: How Do They Work?

There is nothing worse than back pain. If you have experienced back pain, you will know that you would do almost anything to get rid of it.

Thankfully, when it comes to back pain, Your Back Pain Relief know one of the best methods of reducing the pain is helping yourself to get better. Gentle forms of exercise including yoga, tai-chi and pilates help a lot. Stretching aching joints, muscles and tendons is essential when you want to manage back pain.

On top of that, you should invest in back stretching equipment. Some equipment looks slightly bizarre, but it does work.

Back Stretching Equipment: How Does It Work?

If you have seen someone hanging upside down in a back stretching device, you have probably wondered how it works.

For instance, an inversion table looks more like a piece of circus equipment than a therapeutic device. But an inversion table has enormous therapeutic benefits. It helps to stretch aching muscles and tendons. At the same time, it reduces the pressure on the vertebrae in your disc. If you have herniated disc, this is particularly important.

It is a matter of finding the right back stretching equipment for you.

Yoga Bolster Cushions

Yoga blocks and bolster cushions are often used as part of physiotherapy. Many of them are easy to use and safe for home use.

You may not think of your yoga block or bolster cushion as a form of therapy. However, used in the right way, they are perfectly safe to use as back stretching equipment.

Stretching using a yoga bolster cushion is relatively easy. Place in the part of your back where you are experiencing pain or tension. This can be either in the low or upper back.

If you can lie on the floor, the exercise works better. But, if you are finding it hard to get down onto the floor, or you struggle with back pain when breathing, then stretching while sitting in a chair works well. On the floor, place the bolster cushion in your lower back. Gently stretch out your arms and legs as far as feels comfortable.

Remain in this position for a few minutes. If you can, bend your legs at the knee and let them drop to the side. This exercise further aids to ease back pain.

Lumbar Extender Back Stretcher

This is another great device that helps many with pain or inflammation in the lumbar region of the pain.

When you buy one, it is a good idea to look around for one that is adjustable. That way, you can adjust the stretcher to better fit your height or tolerances. Remember that not all those who experience back pain are flexible.

If you are not flexible this device helps to increase your flexibility. Increasing your flexibility helps to reduce the possibility of back problems. Losing weight also makes back issues less likely.

Inversion Tables

To many, inversion tables look dangerous. Used in the right way, they are excellent.

The downside is that inversion tables cost more compared to many other back stretchers. But, when it comes to value for money, you simply can't beat them.

If you are thinking about buying an inversion table, make sure you buy a good quality one. It is always worth paying a little bit extra. Many inversion tables are adjustable which means you control the angle.

The best thing to do is not to use one when you are alone at home. In case, you start to worry, it is good to have someone around.

Inversion tables are not only good for back pain and increasing flexibility. Recently, they have become an important part of general physiotherapy. We know that inverting our bodies can help to increase and improve blood flow.

Improving blood flow is an important factor in a range of medical conditions. If you are experiencing heart problems or other circulation issues, you will find that inversion therapy can help a great deal.

Other health conditions such as glaucoma and high blood pressure can also be relieved by inversion therapy. Inversion tables can help with improving lymphatic drainage.

Do I Need to Use My Back Stretcher All of the Time?

When your condition is chronic using your back stretching therapy of choice on a daily basis is not going to do you any harm.

Using back stretching exercise equipment regularly is a bit like meditation. You need to set aside time to experience the benefits of the therapy. After all, you don't want to find yourself struggling to get up from the floor or off your inversion table when your Amazon delivery appears at your door.

Instead, set time aside and do your exercises in your own time. Think about it as personal time. Turn on some relaxing music and try to “chill out” as much as you can. This will help you to relax and you will gain more benefits.

How Long Until I See the Benefits?

That is a harder question to answer.

It depends on your condition and how severe it is. If you have experienced problems for a while and have not done anything about them, you can't expect a fast improvement.

When it comes to inversion therapy or stretching therapy of any kind, progress is often slow but steady.

What you need to do is to stick with it. You may feel better after a couple of sessions on your inversion table or using your yoga bolster cushion for a week. For many, it is easy to quit and say that they are feeling better.

It helps if you think about your stretching equipment as a way of exercising. After all, exercise is something we all try to do every day.

You can experience faster improvement and additional benefits if you also practice tai-chi, yoga, and pilates as well as stretching or inversion.


One of the main benefits of stretching is that the result remains in place. Keep doing what you are doing and you will soon find that stretching for back pain has a range of other health benefits apart from reducing pain. Your posture will improve and you may even find your lung function benefits.

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