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What Is A Lumbar Support and How Can It Help?

A lumbar support is a support that helps to support the lumbar region of your back. This is the part of the back where most of us are likely to experience pain.

Most office chairs have built-in support that helps us to sit in a better position when we work at our desks. Of course, it is essential that both your desk and chair are in the right position. If you think your static support does not help you to sit better, you need to find out why.

Alternatives to Static Lumbar Supports

If you are vertically challenged, there are other ways in which you can benefit from the lumbar support already incorporated in your chair. For instance, you can place a footrest under your desk. Doing so should help you to sit in a better position.

But, there are also other supports that you improve your posture. Non-static supports that you wear under your clothing are a great alternative. They give you an extra prompt to make sure that you are sitting in the right position.

Can A Lumbar Support Help to Reduce Back Pain?

If you are already experiencing pain or discomfort in the lumbar region of your back, the right lumbar support can quickly help to reduce any discomfort you are experiencing. The positive side effects of the right support are often astonishing.

Many who recently discovered they have a back problem claim fast improvement. The lower region of the spine is where we often experience the most pressure. The lumbar part of the spine is defined as the five vertebrae between the sacrum and diaphragm.

Pain is often experienced in and around the spine, but you may also experience it in the entire area of your lower back, especially when it's cold. In a worst-case scenario, the pain spreads from the spine to the hips and the upper part of the back of your thighs.

What Are the Most Popular Types Of Lumbar Support?

A variety of types of lumbar supports are found online. Buying the right one for you is important. Many who experience lower back pain say that using different lumbar supports help.

Let us explain.

Fixed Support

When you sit, using fixed support is the best way to ensure you are seated in a position that benefits your back.

The smaller part of your lower back should be clearly supported. In other words, your spine should be gently pressed against the back of the chair. When you sit, your legs should be uncrossed. Your feet should be on the floor or on a footrest.

Fixed lumbar supports are not only found on office chairs. Increasingly, they are beginning to turn up in our car seats and also in living room furniture. It seems that manufacturers of chairs and furniture have realised we sit down more than we used to do.

Adjustable Lumbar Supports

What are adjustable supports? When you would like to make sure your spine is supported in the right way all of the time, you can use adjustable supports.

Manufacturing technology has moved on. Finding flexible and lightweight supports is much easier than it used to be.

Adjustable supports come in all shapes and sizes. If your chair does not have lumbar support, you can buy one and fit it to the chair.

If you experience discomfort when you stand up or exercise, there are other options available. You can wear it under or above your clothes.

Finding the Right Lumbar Support For You

Most importantly, you need to find the right support for you. If you find this challenging, you can speak to a physiotherapist. After having diagnosed your problem, they can tell you which is the right support for you.

When you buy a support, it is important to take into consideration the activities you are going to do when wearing it. If you are only going to sit down, the support needs to support this activity.

Many people with back pain also like to wear their supports while exercising. If this is you, it is important to find a support which is as flexible as possible.

At the same time as it supports you, it should also give you room for movement. A back support which fits too tight against your back when you exercise may do more harm than good.

What Positive Side Effects Will You Notice?

It is worth pointing out that the user experience varies. Some find that symptoms improve faster than others.

An influencing factor is how quickly you take action when you first notice pain in the lumbar region of your back. The faster you take action, the easier it is for the healing process to start.

When you let the problem carry on for an extended period of time, getting relief and correcting the problem is going to take longer. There is no doubt about that. Inflammation builds up and the vertebrae may even start to misalign. When this happens, correcting the problem takes longer.

Should I Stop Moving?

The answer to that question is no. Instead, you should buy a lumbar support that helps you to move and supports your posture in the right way.

Many people who have a back problem find that making use of different types of support helps them the most.

If the problem is severe, you may even want to consider wearing a support in your bed. It is easy to end up in a sleeping position which the back pain you are experiencing worse.

There are both supports and corrective orthopaedic pillows that can help you. Checking you have a good quality support is also important.


Lumbar back is very common. If you are experiencing back or spine discomfort right now, it is important that you do something about it as soon as possible. The faster you start to correct the problem, the quicker you can return to normal life.

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