Back Pain For Sports Injuries

Back Pain For Sports Injuries

Going to the gym to keep fit and healthy, is a great idea. However, that does not mean you are not going to pick up an injury or two. Even when you exercise in the right way, and follow the instructions of a personal trainer, it is easy to pick up an injury. Common injuries involve back, neck and shoulders.

When you do suffer injuries, it is important to look after yourself. Taking it a bit easy for a few days can help to remedy any injury you have suffered. If you are concerned about your injury, you should visit your family doctor. Read our symptoms checker to find out when it is time to call a health care specialist.

A doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers. He or she may also recommend you invest in a posture or back support. The most common supports include:

Memory foam back support

Posture corrector

Back pain relief support

Heated back support

Symptoms Checker For Back Sports Injuries

Sport injury - My Back Pain Relief

Back sports injuries are often painful. In order to cut down your recovery time, it is essential you start looking after and caring for your injury straight away. This is where supports such as a memory foam back support and a heated back support are useful. A heated back support is a great idea in the early days of the injury.

A posture support is what you will need when you go back to the gym. A back pain relief support will help you to function during the day.

Symptoms Of An Upper Back Injury

Upper back injuries are perhaps the most common sports injury you will pick up in the gym. This common injury affects thousands of people every day, and is easy to treat at home.

Symptoms include pain in between the shoulder blades. You may also find you will have shooting pains up towards your neck. Applying heat is essential. It will help the muscles to relax and increase blood flow to start the healing process.

Treat the injury with a heated back support and consider using a memory foam support.

When should you go to the doctor? You should go to the doctor if you experience headaches and vertigo. Both are signs that you may have damaged a vertebrae or have nerve damaged. Symptoms are similar to whiplash.

Symptoms Of A Shoulder Injury

Shoulder Injury - Your Back Pain Relief

Shoulder injuries are common. Most of the time they occur after having lifted weights incorrectly. A posture corrector is the best method to help to prevent shoulder injuries.

Symptoms include shoulder pain in one or both shoulders, finding it hard to raise your arms above your head and pain when lifting an object.

Contact a doctor if you notice any swelling or noises coming from the shoulder joint.

Taking an oral arnica supplement will help. Using a back pain relief support will make sitting down more comfortable.

Symptoms Of A Lower Back Injury

The signs of a lower back injury are more complicated. This kind of injury often mimics sciatica. Experiencing pains in the legs is not uncommon. The lower back may feel hot to the touch. Spinning, cycling indoors, can cause lower back injuries.

Bending down and lying down is often uncomfortable without some kind of back support. A good support for a lower back injury is always a memory foam back support. It takes the pressure of the lower spine and back. Lower back massages with arnica gel or oil will help to reduce inflammation.

You should visit a doctor if you notice tingling sensations in your legs. Especially look out for tingling sensations on the inside of your legs.

How To Get Back To Exercising Again

Getting back to exercising again may take a week or two. In the meantime, there is no reason you should not exercise gently at home. Some exercises work better than others when it comes to helping you to recover from lower back pain.

Home exercises recommended for sports injuries:

Dynaband exercises

Walking is one of the best exercises to help you to recover from a back injury. You may want to consider investing a pair of Masai walking shoes. Along with a posture corrector, they will help you to achieve the right posture. They are comfortable and will cushion your feet when you walk.

Tai-chi is a dynamic way of exercising which is gentle at the same time. YouTube is packed with easy to follow videos that will help you to get started. Doing tai-chi a couple of times per day will help to gently stretch muscles and tendons.

Yoga for back pain is an excellent way to exercise. You don't have to get down on the floor. If you have a sports injury affecting your upper back, you can even try chair yoga. Lower back pain can be eased by using standing yoga poses.You may even want to try the sun salutations.

Dynabands are the way to go if you have suffered a shoulder injury in the gym. They are great for helping to increase movement in the shoulder joint that can easily become stiff. 

Going Back To The Gym

Going the Gym

When you are ready to go back to the gym, you should use a posture corrector. Many professional weight lifters use them all of them time. A posture corrector is also great support for spinning classes which include a lot of hoovering over the saddle or standing up.

When you are back home, keep on applying gentle heat by using a heated back support. Massage lotions and gels containing arnica are a great way to lower the risk of inflammation and pain.

It takes time for back pain caused by sports injuries to go away. That does not mean you should not exercise. Movement is essential when it comes to helping you to combat back pain. Just remember to exercise safely. Never be embarrassed about using a back support or posture corrector to look after your back.


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