Preventative Back Care When Driving

Preventative back care when driving

Do you suffer back pain when driving? Both long distance and frequent short distance drivers complain of back pain. It is one of the most common complaints in a GP surgery. A prescription for painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs may help on a short term basis. However, what is is really needed, is a permanent solution. 

Long term use of painkillers can have serious negative side effects. When you can avoid taking them in the first place. Alternatively, taking them for a limited period of time only, is better for your personal health. Instead you should find out what alternative solutions are available. For instance, technical aids that prevent back pain, and give you a better seating position in your car, are a great idea. 

Prevent Back Pain With Supports

Numerous supports are available, but some work better than others. What you need to do is to find the back support which is right for you.

This is a short list which gives you an idea of what is available:

Lumbar support
Orthopaedic pillows
Lumbar support cushion for car
Lumbar support cushion

Identifying The Type Of Back Pain

Don't for one moment assume all drivers suffer from lower back pain. Many drivers also suffer from neck and upper back pain. When you find yourself suffering from pains in your upper spine, you should check your seating position.

Is your seat correctly adjusted when it comes to height? Are you too far forward or too far back? Most seats in cars and other vehicles are now fully adjustable. Do your best to find the right setting for you.

Remember your setting may be lost when someone else drives the vehicle. It is essential that you check and adjust your seating position every time you set out on your journey.

When you suffer from lower back pain, you would more than likely benefit from a lumbar support. By the way, pain in the upper legs may also indicate you need a support for your lower spine.

Lumbar Support And Driving

Lumbar Support - Your Back Pain Relief

Using a lumbar support when driving will give you a much better seating position. Instead of sitting slumped in your seat, you will find you will sit more upright.

This takes pressure of your entire spine. Also, it will also make it easier for you to hold your arms in the correct position. When you drive long distance, you may want to drive with your arms gently resting on your lap and hands on the lower part of the steering wheel.

Driving short distances often means you adopt a different driving position. Holding your arms out straight and hands on the upper part of the steering wheel, is not a comfortable driving position for long journeys. It would put too much pressure on the shoulders and upper part of the back.

Choosing The Right Support For You

After you have identified your driving position, it is time to find the best back support for driving. Most drivers complain about pain and discomfort in their lumbar spine.

There are many different supports which can help. You may even find a variety supports work for you. Changing your support from time to time will make you feel less stiff.

A good quality lumbar support is a good idea, but you should also consider investing in an orthopaedic cushion. You can use one on the outward bound journey and alternate to the other support when driving home. It is a bit like doing different exercises.

Is It Only Drivers Who Need A Support?

Driver - Your Back Pain Relief

We mustn't forget others may need a support on longer car journeys. Pregnant women on long car journeys would certainly benefit from a lumbar support cushion for the car. It would help to prevent lower back pain associated with pregnancy. A lumbar support cushion may even cut down on frequent rest stops for comfort breaks.

It is easy to forget about back seat passengers. A lumbar support cushion would be perfect for grandma when you take her on holiday or days out.

Children may even benefit from back supports. Consider investing in neck supports for the entire family on longer journeys as well as a good quality lumbar support cushion for yourself. It can make a lot of difference on long car journeys and may even keep the peace in the car. 

Exercising For Back Pain

As back pain is such a frequent problem for frequent and long distance drivers, it is a good idea to try a few easy exercises.

That does not mean you need to put on a full gym kit to exercise. A couple of simple back exercises can make all of the difference to your back pain.

Here are a couple of easy exercises you can try:

Standing outside your car, stretch both arms up to the sky. Now fold your core (upper body) at your hips and let your arms drop to the ground. Repeat about five times and you will notice your lumbar spine will feel less tense.

Alternatively, once again standing outside your vehicle, put your hands on your shoulders, keep your hips still and swing from side to side. This is a fantastic exercise for the entire spine but in particular for the lumbar spine.

Are you feeling more adventurous? In that case, stand straight, raise one leg to hip level and try to reach the toes with your opposite hand. It is probably the sort of exercise you want to do at home. A great way to make your entire spine more flexible without having to get down on the floor.

Yoga tree pose is another exercise you can try. A complete set of Warrior poses can also do wonders for your spine.

Along with your lumbar support, exercising when you are not in the car will help. But, you should not lose sight of the fact that easy to turn to aids such as orthopaedic pillows do help.

The best place to buy support aids is online. The selection is better and you end up paying less. Needless to say, it is also a much more convenient way of shopping when you have a busy lifestyle.


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