What Does A Pregnancy Support Belt Do?

What Does A Pregnancy Support Belt Do?

It is so important that you protect your back as much as you can during pregnancy, after-all there is a lot of extra strain on your body.

While back pain is normal, that doesn't make it any less difficult to deal with, amongst all the other aches and pains you are experiencing.

One way that you can support your growing body while still going about your everyday life is with a pregnancy support belt. Let's take a look at exactly how they work and why it is worth investing in one for the duration of your pregnancy.

What is a pregnancy support belt?

Pregnancy support belt

Otherwise known as a maternity support belt, a belly band is a stretchy belt, usually worn around your stomach during the third trimester.

Its purpose is to alleviate back pain and abdominal pain to ease any discomfort that you might be experiencing during your pregnancy.

 They are also often worn by women who have unhealed abdominal muscle separation during a previous pregnancy. So how do you know if one of these products is right for you?

 If you have back pain and you are pregnant, it's definitely worth a try. Pregnancy support belts are very reasonably priced and could help this exciting journey be much more enjoyable.

How your body is changing

Your body is going through so many different changes during pregnancy and this is the reason why many women will need to invest in this kind of product.

Lower back pain occurs due to the expanding uterus, which can also go on to weaken abdominal muscles.

If you are on your feet a lot during the day, this can make things really difficult and is a big reason why many women go on maternity leave quite earlier than they should have to when they are pregnant.

Sacroiliac joint pain also happens to many women as they near the end of their pregnancy.

While this is basically your body getting ready for labour, it can still be very uncomfortable and a pregnancy support belt can come in really useful at this time.

Round ligament pain is also common and it is basically results in stretching pains in your hip area because of the extra weight that you are carrying.

Pregnancy support belt for back pain

Pregnancy back pain

There has been a lot of research gone into pregnancy support bands and it's proven that they work really well for eliminating back pain during pregnancy, or at least lessening it.

A massive 71 percent of women experience lower back pain towards the end of their pregnancy. While it's going to be over soon, why not spend a small amount of money on a product that is going to make you feel much better?

There are other conditions that these support belts can benefit in pregnancy including round ligament pain and joint pain, as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Many people like to wear maternity support belts after pregnancy, but is this advised? Just because you are not pregnant anymore, doesn't mean that the back pain/abdominal pain goes away immediately after delivery of the baby.

You can continue to use a belt after your pregnancy particularly if you have experience a separation of the abdominal muscles.

What else do maternity support belts do?

What else do pregnancy support belts do

When you are pregnant, your growing bump needs the kind of support that your breasts do when you are exercising. A pregnancy support band provides this support really easily.

It reduces discomfort from the uterus by providing a gentle compression, which is of course completely harmless to the baby.

This will actually make your baby happier because some of your stress will be eased and they feed off your emotions.

Belly bands are also known to improve posture by giving support to the lower back and torso. The fact that both your abdomen and back is supported with this kind of belt means that you can go about your everyday activities when pregnant much easier.

These belts are elasticated which accommodates all different women and also fits you as your bump expands throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

Other things to be aware of

Despite the fact that pregnancy support belt for back pain is guaranteed when you purchase one of these products, there are some things that you need to be aware of when using a belly band. These are as follows.

You don't want to become too dependent on a pregnancy support belt, so you should wear it for no more than 2-3 hours at any one time.

In addition to wearing a band, you can do exercises during and after your pregnancy in order to strengthen your transverse abdominal muscles.

If you have any underlying health conditions, including abnormal blood pressure, these type of compression garments might not be right for you and you can always consult a doctor if you are not sure.

Where to buy Your Pregnancy Support Belt

There are many places that you can buy pregnancy support belt for back pain online. They vary in prices and some are more advanced than others.

Make sure that you do your research and also read reviews from customers who have tried and tested the product for themselves.

While support belts are more commonly worn in the third trimester, you can wear it whenever you start experiencing back pain in your pregnancy.

For this reason, you should make sure that you buy the product in plenty of time - particularly if you are shopping online.

Now that you know more about pregnancy support belts and what one can provide you during this important time of your life, what are you waiting for?

Back pain is so common during the third trimester and you need to be doing everything possible to be as comfortable as possible during this time.

Some women also experience other problems during their pregnancy and this is another reason why a product like this is well worth investing in. There are many effective maternity supports belts on the market so make sure to get yours.


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