Discover The Benefits Of A Lumbar Support Cushion

Discover The Benefits Of A Lumbar Support Cushion

Many people deal with back pain on a daily basis. Statistically, around 80% of adults will experience mild to severe back pain at some point in their lives. This back pain makes it uncomfortable to sit, stand, and sometimes even sleep.

For those with low to moderate pain, there are many products that provide relief and support. Each product has its own benefits that can help you get back to doing the things you love.

Back pain is caused by a myriad of conditions. Some of them include something as simple as a strained muscle, poor posture, injury, or something severe like a ruptured disc. Sitting at a desk for too long contributes to most mild cases of back pain.

You can also injure your back when you drive long distances or fly in an airplane. Additionally, people who work jobs that require them to be on their feet all day can also experience pain from strain on their lower backs.

One of the best ways to support your back to reduce strain is with a lumbar support. There are many options on the market including pillows and belts.

The Benefits of a Back Support Pillow

Benefits of a Back Support Pillow

The most popular lumbar support device is a lumbar support cushion. It provides support to give you better posture while sitting in an upright position. This reduces strain on your muscles, leading to less back pain.

One of the challenges of a desk job is getting the right shaped chair to give you proper support. Most employers don't focus on the correct ergonomics, and even with it, it's difficult to give your back proper support.

This is because most chairs are not designed to fit the curve of your back. So instead, add a specially shaped lumbar support for office chair to sit behind your lower back and give you better support.

The great thing about a lower back support cushion is that it attaches to any chair, usually with straps that you wrap around the back of the chair.

No matter what your back problem, anyone can benefit from better posture and the right cushion can provide that support. There are many different kinds of pillows. It's important to look for ones that will provide you the best comfort.

Some lumbar support cushions were designed for sitting on a couch. Some were developed for people who sit in office chairs. Some were created for those who sit at the dining room table, and other car seat lumbar support pillows were made for back pain relief when driving.

back pain relief when driving

No matter where you sit, you'll get better back support, improved posture, and better spine alignment with a quality pillow.

Not only is it important to use them while you work, but it's also important to use a back support pillow if you go on a road trip.

Any time you are in the car for an extended amount of time you put a lot of strain and pressure on your back. Add to this poor posture and the position of your arms on the steering wheel and it's a recipe for back pain. A car seat lumbar support reduces a lot of this strain by keeping you properly aligned on

It's easy to find a back support cushion online. They don't require batteries or anything special to work, and they are a relatively affordable option.

Although they are more expensive than a regular pillow. In 2013, the Chiropractic & Manual Therapies Journal published a study about the use of a lumbar support pillow for people who completed a task while sitting.

They discovered that people who used the pillow experienced better alignment in their spine and improved comfort while sitting. While more research is needed to find the best solutions to relieve back pain while sitting, a lumbar support pillow is a great place to start.

How to Use a Lumbar Support Belt

How to Use a Lumbar Support Belt

Another option to reduce back pain is to use a lumbar support belt. People who work in jobs where they do a lot of standing or bending find that these provide the support they need throughout the day to reduce pain.

These wrap around your lower back and abdomen and provide rigid support in the back and more flexible support toward the front to help you bend.

It's important to use these if you strain your back to reduce the risk of injury and to only use them for a short time.

If you wear a lumbar support belt for too many days in a row, you'll reduce muscle tone and cause new issues for your body. Some of these include gastrointestinal distress, high blood pressure, and skin sores.

A lumbar support belt should fit your body and have velcro to attach in the front and back to provide the proper amount of pressure and support. A good belt will be a little more costly but can provide much-needed relief especially after an injury.

Make sure you choose the right belt. There are belts designed for heavy weight lifters and there are those designed for general workers. Unless you are planning to deadlift 300lbs, you probably need the general work belt.

Final thoughts

Lower back support devices can help your back pain in the short-term. But it's also important to do exercises to strengthen your back muscles and to use good posture habits.

Additionally, if you're experiencing chronic pain that doesn't go away, it might be time to go to a doctor to rule out any other underlying conditions.

There are many benefits to a lumbar support cushion. You'll want to use one to improve your posture when you sit for long periods of the day, when you drive long distances, and when you work at your computer.

This ensures you don't slouch or move into hunched positions. The end result is less back pain. This can lead to better sleep and a better quality of life. When you don't spend your time laying around in pain, you can get out and enjoy just about anything.


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