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Foam Roller Exercises For Back Pain Relief You Can Do At Home

Foam roller exercises are a great way to relieve soreness and ease tension in your back and other parts of the body. If you are a foam rolling newbie, foam rolling may sound like a bit of any odd concept. But, believe me, it really works and makes you feel really good. Not only can it help to reduce tension, it helps to reduce cellulite. 

Who Should Try Foam Rollers?

Foam rollers are great for almost anybody and suit most age groups. When you spend long hours sitting in your regular job, you should try foam roller exercises. 

If you are a nurse, or spend a lot of time standing, foam rolling can help to reduce leg pains and tension in your legs. A trigger point foam roller will help to improve circulation and relieve tension that you feel as well as increase your general well-being. 

Anyone who would like to improve their fitness level, should try foam roller exercises. 

How To Use A Foam Roller

A foam roller is easy to use in a variety of ways to get great results. Foam roller exercises for back pain relief are easy to do standing up or using an exercise mat. 

It is best to start slowly and expand the range of exercises in your repertoire. The emphasis should always be on safety and making sure you don't experience any injuries.

The Best Foam Roller Exercises For Newbies

If you have not tried foam roller exercising before, it is best to start slowly. You need to learn how to control the foam roll and make sure you are comfortable doing the exercise. 

Standing Foam Roll Exercises

Standing Foam Roller - YBPR

To get used to the feel of the foam roll, place it against your lower back.

Bend your knees and let the foam roller move up and down against your back. Not only are you familiarising yourself with the foam roller, but you are also getting a good workout for your back. 

If this is your first time using a trigger point foam roller, do 10 “rolls” and 3 sets. When you feel more familiar with using the foam roller, you can increase to 15 rolls but it is best to stick to 3 sets. 

Exercising Your Lower Back

Lower back foam roller - YBPR

Our lower back picks up more tension than many other parts of our body. Using your exercise mat, place the foam roller in the small of your lower back. 

Once you have found the right spot, bend your knees and start rolling the roller up and down your back. 

There is a more advanced version of this exercise. With your knees bent, try “walking” the roller up and down as far as you can go. This will not only help to relieve tension in your lower back, but it will also help to tone your back. 

Exercising Your Core With a Foam Roller

Exercising your entire core when you want to improve muscle tone is very important. Thanks to the versatility of foam rollers, you can easily do so. 

Lie on your stomach and place the roller under the top of your hip bone. Reach out with your arms, and gently start to roll until the roller reaches the top of your ribs. 

This is a fantastic way to improve microcirculation in hard to reach abdominal muscles. Aim for 15 repetitions and completing 3 sets. 

Exercising Your Calves

Calves foam roller - YBPR

Tension in the calves can travel up the legs and end up in your lower back. This is one of the easiest foam roller exercises you can do, but that does not mean it is not beneficial. When you suffer from muscle tension in your legs, it is a great exercise to do on a daily basis. 

Place the roller under your calves and put your hands behind your back. Start rolling gently down towards your feet and keep it up for at least 30 seconds. 

Making this exercise more advanced is easy to do. Lift your bottom of the floor, and use the roller in the same way as mentioned in the previous exercise. 

An Easy Exercise For Your Hamstrings

Hamstring foam roller - YBPR

Not only can foam roller exercises help you to combat lower back pain, it can help you to get rid of cellulite. 

We develop cellulite as a result of poor circulation. Although you may achieve results by walking and dry brushing, see your foam roller as an additional way of combating cellulite. 

Place your roller underneath your hamstrings ( the upper part of the leg). To maximise results, place the roller close to your bottom as possible. 

Put your hands behind you, bend the other leg and then start rolling. Once again, keep the exercise up for at least 30 seconds and complete 3 sets. 

This simple exercise is also a great exercise to do when you suffer from sciatica. 

Working Out Your Waist

Waist - YBPR

Can you use your foam roller to work out your waist? You certainly can and it is easy to do. 

Lay on your side with your foam roller under your waist, and reach out your arm along the floor. Depending on your fitness level, bend or stretch out your legs. 

Start rolling and maintain the exercise for at least 30 seconds. Do a set of three and then switch sides. 

Foam roller exercises are versatile and you can come up with your own ideas. They are a great way to reduce tension, improve muscle tone and circulation. Improved blood flow helps to both increase muscles and reduce fatty deposits such as cellulite. It is a gentle way to exercise and you can use a foam roller almost anywhere. 

Where Can I Buy A Trigger Point Foam Roller?

Let's clear that up right away. While you can buy foam rollers in stores, the best place to buy them is online. 

Buying your foam roller online often works out cheaper. The selection is better and having a purchase delivered to your home is more convenient. 

If you don't own an exercise mat, you should consider investing in one. They are great for when you want to do your foam roller exercises or other exercises on the floor. 


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