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The Benefits Of Foam Rolling For Back Pain

What are the key benefits of foam rolling for back pain? Chances are that when you suffer from back pain, you would prefer to use a natural solution.

Of course, there is a range of supplements and NSAIDs you can take. When you want to add another natural solution to your repertoire for back pain, you should consider foam rolling.

Foam rolling has been part of back pain recovery for some time. It is an excellent way of strengthening your back muscles and increasing flexibility.

You can use a foam roller as an add on exercise tool or use it as a stand-alone exercise alternative to regular exercises for back pain. It is cost-effective and learning foam rolling techniques is relatively easy.

Not all doctors recommend foam rolling. When it comes to medical professionals, many of them are set on conventional treatments. That is fine for a short period of time. But, when your back pain is an ongoing condition, it is better to explore natural alternatives. Foam rolling is one of them. 

Foam Rolling and Back Tension 

Foam Rolling and Back Tension  - Your Back Pain Relief

Although not all back pains episodes are related to tension in your back, there are many that are. For instance, if you sit or remain in one particular position for an extended period of time, the end result is often back pain.

You will experience a feeling of your muscles being “locked” in one particular spot. Moving and changing your body's position may even be difficult.

This is a sure sign that tension has built up in your back. Getting your foam roller out and doing some simple exercises can help to relieve the tension. In other words, you need to get the affected muscles moving again.

You can use your foam roller to help you overcome your troubles. Don't worry, you don't have to get down on the floor. Foam rolling against a wall is just as effective as lying on the floor with your foam roller underneath your back.

Can I Use Foam Rolling As A Warm-up Exercise?

There is absolutely no reason why you can't use foam rolling as a warm-up exercise. You will soon notice the benefits compared to traditional stretching.

When we stretch during a warm-up exercise session, our muscles are still cold. That means that you are much more likely to “pull” a muscle or injure yourself in some other way.

Foam rolling gently stimulates the blood flow. The entire of stretching during warm-up exercises is to increase blood flow. But, things may not work out that way.

As your muscles are colder and shorter compared to the end of the exercise, you are much more likely to tear or damage them in some other way. Using a foam roller gently builds up heat in the area and increases the blood flow.

In particular, this is important when you plan on doing exercises involving your back including yoga and pilates. Many pilates and yoga instructors think that foam rolling is a great way to warm up. They may even incorporate and teach the technique in their classes.

Can Foam Rolling Increase Your Flexibility?

Can Foam Rolling Increase Your Flexibility? - Your Back Pain Relief

For many years, the jury was out on this matter. However, recently we have learned that foam rolling exercises especially for back pain help to increase flexibility.

Foam rolling helps to increase our range of motion. A foam roller gently applies pressure on your back when you use it. You are aware of its presence and do your best to control the moment.

It is this “awareness of movement” that helps to increase your flexibility. When you use a foam roller, you probably feel much better supported. This quickly increases your confidence in your own body. You probably find that you often end up working a bit harder when using a foam roller.

That extra stretch is what helps when it comes to improving your flexibility.

Foam Rolling Helps Recovery and Rehab

Foam rolling is showing a lot of promise when it comes to helping with recovery and rehab.

It is such a gentle way of getting your full range of motion back that many physiotherapists now use it as part of their arsenal of treatments.

Once you have been shown how to do one exercise or a range of exercises, your physio will probably recommend that you carry on the good work at home.

One of the best things about foam rolling is that it supports your back. It helps to improve strength and flexibility while providing pain relief at the same time.

Sustainable Way To Exercise

Sustainable Way To Exercise - Your Back Pain Relief

No matter what age you are, you can put the benefits of foam rolling for back pain to good use.

There is a common misconception that you need to get down on the floor when using a foam roller. When you find exercising on the floor challenging, there are different ways of using a foam roller.

As it is such a flexible way of exercising, you can use it when in bed or against a wall.

Foam rolling is a great way of exercising for all age groups. If you are recovering from surgery, a foam roller helps to stimulate blood flow reducing the risk of blood clots.

In Conclusion

Foam rolling is a fantastic way to ease and control back pain. As foam rollers are lightweight, you can take them with you anywhere that you go.

Perhaps using one in the car at the traffic lights looks a bit funny, but foam rolling can be used to reduce tension between the shoulder blades. If you do a lot of air travel, you may want to consider investing in a foam roller. You can always do a few simple back exercises while sitting in your seat.

Foam rolling for back pain relief is now considered pretty mainstream. When you do find that you suffer from back pain, reduced flexibility or strength, it is one of the natural options.

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