How To Use An Orthopaedic Pillow Correctly

How To Use An Orthopaedic Pillow Correctly

Who should use an orthopaedic pillow? Supports such as a memory back foam supports for lower back pain relied are useful to all of us. Even if you are not experiencing pain or have an injury, a back support pillow can help you.

However, it is important that you use your orthopaedic pillow correctly. What does that mean? Our spine is happiest when it is straight. Keeping your spine straight and correctly aligned, will help to improve the quality of your sleep.

Better quality sleep is not the only health benefit you will get from using an orthopaedic pillow. They are also recommended for the following health conditions:







What Is The Job Of Your Pillow?

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The job of your pillow is to support your back and neck. Most of us when we go out to buy a new pillow, don't consider buying an back support pillow or memory foam back support to help us stay comfortable in bed.

Instead we focus on the softness of the pillow and how easy it is to look after when it comes to keeping it clean. Of course, that matters. But, what matters more than anything is if your pillow will help to support your sleeping position.

How many times per night do you find yourself manipulating your pillow trying to make it more comfortable? Most of us probably wake up a couple of times during the night to correct the position of our pillow.

The right sleeping position will stop you from waking up several times during the night. You can only achieve that when you buy an orthopaedic pillow or back support pillow.

Support Your Head With The Right Pillow

The right pillow will help to keep your head in a “neutral” sleeping position. This means that your head will not be too low or too high. Your spine will stay correctly aligned throughout the night, taking all of the pressure of the delicate nerves in your spinal column.

If you have a lower back pain problem, you will find that a back support pillow will further help you to achieve the correct sleeping position. When it comes to orthopaedic pillows, the choice is pretty endless.

Factors You Should Consider When You Buy An Orthopaedic Pillow

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Should you just go ahead and buy any orthopaedic pillow because it says so on the box? No, it is important to buy the right pillow for you.

Take your lifestyle and current health into consideration. If you are already suffering from lower or upper back pain, it is essential you pick a pillow that helps you to deal with the condition.

A contour pillow may be the perfect starter orthopaedic pillow for you when you are suffering from lower and upper back pain. They are often made from memory foam that will help to support your neck. Your sleeping posture will slowly improve.

It will take time to get used to your new pillow. During that time, you may experience some discomfort. This is your spine realigning yourself.

After a couple of weeks, you will notice that your sleeping position feels more natural. That indicates that you should move onto another style of orthopaedic pillow. It is your body's way of telling you that it does not need a contour pillow anymore.

Sharing Your Orthopaedic Pillow

Should you share your orthopaedic pillow? It is not a good idea to share your pillow with other family members.

The mistake many people make, is to only use their pillow when they feel they “need it”. As most orthopaedic pillows and back support pillows, are made from memory foam, it means they are unique to you. Sharing your pillow is not going to help others. Instead, they should consider buying their own pillow.

The same applies to a memory foam back support. It is not meant to be shared. Once your body starts to adjust into a better and healthier sleeping position, you should carry on using your own support. That is how memory support works.

Who Should Invest In An Orthopaedic Pillow?

Memory foam back supports and orthopaedic pillows can benefit most of us.

With so many people working from home, it is vital that you look after your neck and spinal health. Yes, sitting down for an extended period of time, will cause misalignments and injurie.

This is not only common among home and office workers. Long-haul pilots and other professional groups suffer from spinal problems caused by poor posture and sitting for too long.

Orthopaedic pillows will help to improve our overall posture. However, if you work from home, you should never neglect your health. This is something that many homeworkers do.

Stand up and stretch as often as you can, go for walks and do exercises such as tai-chi and yoga. At the same time, you should consider investing in an office chair with lumbar support.

Exercising For Lower Back Pain Relief

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The right orthopaedic pillow will certainly help you with your back pain. But you should also consider adding daily activities to your day that can help you. Exercising for lower back pain relief is easier than you think.

To activities include going for regular walks and swimming. You may even want to start your day by going for a walk.

It is a good idea to invest in a pedometer. That will help you to keep an eye on the amount of steps you take every day. You should aim for at least 10,000 steps per day.

Running 5 km is easier than you think. A whole host of fun apps have been developed to help you to run 5 km per day. Download them to your phone and start running.

Swimming is a fantastic way to exercise. People who swim at least 1,000 metres per week suffer less from back pain. The good news is that you don't have to swim 1,000 metres all at once. Swimming a couple of times per week is just as good for you.

Never be shy about buying an orthopaedic pillow or back support pillow. After all, where would we be without a healthy spine...


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