How Overeating Affects Back Pain

How Overeating Affects Back Pain

Many factors play a role when it comes to back pain. Excessive weight risks damaging your back as it puts strain on the spinal column and the rest of the back area. One of the first things you should do when you experience back pain, is to check your weight. More often than not, losing weight helps to get rid of back pain.

Take A Look At Your Diet

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Are you experiencing back pain? If you are experiencing back pain right now, you should think about what you are eating. However, before you do that, you need to step on the scales. If you are overweight, you need to change your dietary habits right away. 

Before starting any diet, keep a food diary for a week. It is important to know what you are eating at the moment. Don't forget to include what you are drinking. Sugary drinks and alcohol increase inflammation in the body. That in turn leads to pain and there is a strong link to back pain. 

Once you have identified what you eat every day, it is time to start to remove the foods that are causing your weight problem. They are often the same foods that cause excess weight. Popular foods include sugary snacks, crisps, red meat and fried foods. But even some fruits and vegetables can cause excess weight and inflammation. For instance, it is a good idea to replace oranges with other fruits or berries. 

Managing Lower Back Pain

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In the meantime, there are ways in which you can manage your back pain. Supports are great tools when it comes to back pain relief. When you are overeating, they are more important than at other times as they will help to improve your posture and support your muscles. 

At the end of the day, our muscles, tendons and skeleton are only capable of taking a certain amount of excess load. It sounds strange, but when you are obese, you are in fact overloading your body. That will quickly lead to health problems including lower back pain. Surprisingly, it is one of the first symptoms you may notice if you have gained weight. Unfortunately, it is a symptom that overweight people dismiss. 

When the problem persists, it will lead to other health problems including knee and hip pain. 

Can A Back Support Help Me? 

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Both a back support and a posture corrector will help to control your back pain. There are many different kinds. Before you start your weight loss journey, it is a good idea to invest in various supports. 

When you are resting, a heated back support can help to keep you pain free. Buying a heated support is a much better idea than taking pain killers. Although pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs will help to lower your pain, they will also slow down your digestion. That is the last thing that you need when you are trying to lose weight to lower back pain. 

When Should I Wear My Support? 

The rules are pretty simple when it comes to wearing a posture corrector. Your doctor has probably told you that exercise forms an essential part of any weight loss routine. The downside is that exercise puts strain on your body. 

That does not mean that you should not exercise. Exercising makes a big difference to any weight loss programme. When you do exercise, make sure that you wear your posture corrector. That is the best way to make sure you stay pain free and get the most out of your exercise. Walking in the correct way increases the way your body uses calories. 

Do you need to spend a long time exercising every day? Exercising for weight loss is easier than you think. Did you know that a 20-minute walk before every meal will help to speed up your metabolism and balance your blood fats level including your cholesterol? 

Eat smaller well-balanced meals throughout the day and avoid alcohol. Both are great ways to lose weight quickly and safely. Ideally, your meals should include different kinds of vegetables and fish. 

The reason many dietitians recommend cold water fish, is because fish is an easier protein to digest. Improved digestion means more rapid weight loss. 

Your heated back support should be worn as and when you need it. When you find that sitting down is painful, wearing a heated support is a good idea. 

The Start Of Weight Loss

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Should I stop wearing my posture corrector when the weight starts coming off? This is often the time your body is under more strain than ever before. It will start making its own corrections when it comes to the reduced load. 

That means muscles, tendons and the skeleton may will undergo changes that can in a worst case scenario, lead to injuries. It is best to continue to support your body using a variety of supports including a posture corrector. 

If you experience pains other than lower back pain, it is important you pay attention to them as well. The most common pains you will notice include knee and ankle pain. As you begin to lose weight, and exercise more, it is a good idea to invest in a knee support. Overweight persons often experience knee pain. 

The reason your local GP is reluctant to offer you a knee replacement when you are overweight or obese, is that the replacement joint is only capable of taking a certain weight. Even an artificial joint is prone to damage by excessive weight. 

Slowly increase your exercise making sure that you stop overeating and stick to your healthy eating regime. If you feel that you are hungry as a result of more exercise, stop cravings by eating healthy snacks including bananas and other natural snacks. Adding oats to your diet will reduce your inflammatory response and help you to lose weight. 

Other habits such as giving up smoking and drinking less alcohol will further set you on the right track to a new healthy you. Always remember to look after your body by using the right supports to avoid injuries. 

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