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How To Wear A Back Support Correctly

Who should wear a back support? Many of us should consider wearing a back support. What matters most is that you buy the right kind of back support and wear it correctly. Far too many of us invest in various kinds of back support but never wear them in the right way to benefit from them.

Who Should Wear A Back Support?

Many professional groups would benefit from wearing a back support when they go about their daily routine. The most common types of back support are easy to buy online. The below list will give you an idea what types of back supports are available:

  • Standard back support
  • Back brace
  • Back support belt
  • Lower back
  • Back stretcher

The trick benefiting from a back support is knowing which type is right for you.

Back Support Brace

Back Brace - Your Back Pain Relief

A standard back brace is still a unique support that will support your back and spine in different ways. They are often aimed at people who suffer back pain, but they are also very good when it comes to preventing back pain.

Office workers may find them useful, but there is no reason why you should not wear one in your everyday life. We often forget house cleaning and other chores around the home put a strain on our back.

Also, our working environment, and where we work, is changing rapidly. More of us than ever before are working from home. Of course, it's hard to maintain posture when we work from home, we don’t have a human resource department to give us the best advice when it comes to health and safety.

Sadly, home workers often neglect to look after their health. Many spend endless hours beavering away at the kitchen table sitting on a less than ergonomically correct kitchen chair. The end result is almost always the same - back pain and endless expensive chiropractor appointments.

Investing in a back support or home office set up should be on top of your agenda as a home worker.

Wearing A Back Brace

Wearing A Back Brace - Your Back Pain Relief

A back brace can give you a varied range of support when worn in the right way. It should not be too tightly fitted. Instead it should “brace” your back when you move out of your comfort zone.

Back braces are worn by everybody from workers who do a lot of lifting, loading vehicles and packaging. Thanks to companies such as Amazon, Sports Direct and other warehouse-based businesses, there are now more warehouse workers in the UK than ever before. Standing for a long time and moving in a repetitive pattern will cause back problems.

Back braces are also ideal when practising sports. You will come across them at your local golf course and gym.

The main function of a back brace is to prevent back damage and spinal problems.

Back Support Belt

Back Support Belt - Your Back Pain Relief

A back support belt should be worn around the waist and pulled in tight. When you wear one, you should feel that you are more or less being lifted out of your core.

Worn for an extended period of time when doing exercises or manual work, back support belts help to strengthen back muscles and tendons. You often see them worn by bodybuilders but they are just as much home in a working environment. 

Lower Back Supports

A lower back support can be worn in different ways depending on which one you choose.

Some lower back support can be worn down towards the hips. These kinds of lower back supports are meant to support your entire lumbar region.

Popular with people who sit for extended periods of time or sufferers from sciatica. Lower back supports will help to protect the spine. Great to wear if you have had an accident in your car and suffer from unexplained back pain in the lower back.

Can you wear them when you exercise? You certainly can. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from frequent attacks of sciatica, a lower back support will help to protect your back and improve your spinal alignment when exercising.

Back Stretchers

Back Stretchers - Your Back Pain Relief

Not so many of us have heard about a back stretcher. There are a couple of different kinds of back stretchers and they all serve a purpose.

As a matter of fact, they have long been popular with dancers. A curved back stretcher can be used when you want to improve your posture quickly. Spending a short time using it every day will help to correct any posture problems you may have.

This is perhaps the top reason back stretchers have become popular with dancers.

There is a misconception wearing a back stretcher can damage your spine. This is not true. Like everything else, you need to make sure you use it correctly.

If you wear a back stretcher in the right way, you will help to lengthen the muscles and tendons that support your spine. Doing so will help to improve your posture and reduce pressure on parts of the spine.

Some devotees of back stretchers even claim they have become taller as a result of wearing them. It is probably true. You may not grow a couple of inches in height, but when you improve your posture, you will normally find you become taller.

We underestimate the health benefits we can get from the many different kinds of back supports available. Find the right one for you and your back will thank you for it.

The health of our spine has an impact on many other areas of our lives. Did you know people with good posture suffer less from headaches and migraines?

A better posture will also help to improve your digestion and can help you to lose weight as you are using muscles more efficiently when exercising.

You should consider investing in a back support to fit in with your personal needs and requirements. You certainly don’t need to be a bodybuilder or warehouse worker to benefit from one.

Even regular walkers would benefit from wearing a back support when exercising as it will help you to walk better and improve your posture.


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