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The Best And The Worst Shoes To Wear For Back Pain

Back pain can happen due to many reasons. You may exercise and stretch, buy good mattresses, and still, your back may hurt every morning you wake up. It can happen due to overexertion or sitting in the same position for long hours.

Back pain can also be due to underlying diseases.

However, it is worth considering that your footwear might also be
contributing to your back pain.

According to the world's best orthopedists, unstable shoes like flip-flops and high-heels can lead to back pain.

A bad footwear design may compress the feet or provide insufficient support,
causing back pain, leg pain, and sciatica.

However, if your back pain has persisted for over a month, it is best to see your healthcare professional rule out other causes.

The Wrong Shoes Back Pain

The wrong footwear can cause lingering back pain in the following ways:

●If your pair of shoes isn’t designed properly, it doesn’t provide adequate support to the feet. Such shoes compress your feet or deprive the natural arch of sufficient support.

This type of footwear can cause pain in the leg and back over time.

●Poorly designed footwear lowers your feet’s capacity to absorb shock. This often triggers intense pain in the hips and low back. In some instances, such footwear can also lead to a slipped disc or fracture of the hip bone.

●High-heeled shoes push the hips backward and the pelvis forward. This incorrect posture of the body can cause back pain and trigger irregular menses.

The Best shoes For Back Pain

●Running shoes/tennis shoes/fitness shoes

Running shoes, also known as tennis or fitness shoes are some of the best footwear for back pain.

Running shoes keep your feet at a proper level while you take steps, reduce excessive flexing of your feet’s arch, and prevent weight-bearing strains that can lead to lower back pain.

Moreover, if your arch is properly supported, the amount of pressure placed on joints during strenuous activity also decreases.

Further, make sure your running shoes are not squeezing your toes or having them grip the button of your shoe, as is the case with flip flops. Your feet should move naturally without being too flimsy or stiff.

●Arch Support Boots

Arch support boots reduce pressure on the legs and back by keeping your feet leveled during movement and decreasing excessive flexing of the arches.

This type of footwear is typically recommended for military personnel, professionals in law enforcement, or workers who spend long hours on their feet.

If you are on your feet for most of the day, you can also place shock-absorbing insoles inside the boots for additional arch support.

However, make sure your boots fit your feet properly and give your arches the right amount of support.

●Orthotics or special insoles

Adding an extra cushion in the form of orthotics or special insoles enhances back support, promotes spinal alignment, and improves your feet’s stability.

It’s best recommended to consult your podiatrist or physical therapist regarding special insoles that might help alleviate some of your foot and back pain.

You have options to buy readymade shoe inserts or get custom-made insoles.

The overall combination of proper footwear, orthotics, and physical therapy goes a long way in helping people with back pain. Physical therapists usually perform stretching and strengthening techniques to reduce inflammation and improve posture.

The Worst Shoes For Back Pain

●High Heels

Even though the fashion industry is obsessed with creating the perfect illusion of long legs, high heels are one of the primary causes of back pain.

Wearing heels over one inch makes you walk with your back bent, causing back pain. Furthermore, wearing high heels for too long stresses your knees as well.


This might surprise you but ballet shoes or flats can also cause back pain. Most of the flats available in the market have 25% more impact on your back than wearing high heels.

This is because flats do not support your natural arch as they are made of thin materials.

Some companies are coming up with orthopaedic flats that support your foot like tennis shoes, but other than that, you should avoid flats as much as you can.

●Flip Flops

Just like flats, flip-flops are no good for your back either. When wearing flip-flops, you tighten your toes to have a grip on the flip-flops.

This leads to an unnatural way of walking, causing strain on your legs and back. Moreover, most flip-flops don't support your foot as they are made
of thin and cheap materials.

This doesn't mean you will get rid of your flip-flops entirely; wear
them in moderation or in situations where you don’t have to walk or stand long.

●Toning shoes

Toning shoes are perhaps one of the worst kinds of shoes available in the market. While these shoes are gaining popularity for toning shoes and buttocks through regular use, in reality, they are simply an expensive way to get back pain.

The sole of toning shoes is off-balanced, thus putting more stress on your back and joints. Multiple studies have proved that toning shoes don’t fulfil the purpose of their invention and rather have adverse impacts.

The thick shoe insert in toning shoes causes your foot to walk in a flat position and absorb more shock.

Tips to keep in mind when buying shoes to reduce back pain

Good shoes are not just limited to fashion trends and low prices. Comfort and quality should be the top priority when buying new shoes. Nothing beats pain-free living, so keep these tips in mind while buying shoes the next time.

●Ask your healthcare professional if your existing footwear needs orthotics or special insoles.

●Choose shoes with inbuilt cushioning to reduce shock and impact on your feet.

●Women should restrict their usage of high heels. If they wear, the height of the heels should not be more than an inch.

●While buying flats, check for natural arch support.

●Too loose or too tight shoes affect your gait, so wear footwear that fits comfortably.

It is best to change your shoes as often as possible, especially when the cushioning inside gets worn out and you feel discomfort.

And if you are suffering from back pain then it is best to get professional advice as soon as you can to ease your discomfort. 

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