Inflatable Decompression Back Support Belt

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Color: 1 set

The Inflatable Decompression Back Support Belt from Your Back Pain Relief.

With its many beneficial features:

*1. Relieve pain caused by psoas and rheumatism, increase resistance and meridians activity.

*2. Relax the lumbar muscles and restore energy to the spine.

*3. Effective for the auxiliary treatment of chronic lumbar spine tension.

*4. Inflatable structure has a good cushioning effect, easy to use with the provided manual pump.

How to Wear:

*1. It is preferable to wear the belt directly on the skin or the surface of the underwear.

*2. Wear it above the hip bone and below the soft rib arch, with a tight fit.

*3. Align the clip of the air pump with the air nozzle and inflate it by foot pedal or manually.

*4. Inflate the belt completely until the air column is fully expanded.

*5. Wearing for 30-60 minutes, or longer depending on circumstances.

*6. Use 40 minutes before bed for better results (note: the belt should be removed during sleep)

*7. To remove it, first unscrew the inflatable valve to deflate and then remove the belt.

*8. It is recommended to remove the waist belt or waist trim before use it to feel better.

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